[ Read Online My Merlin Awakening Û abandoned PDF ] by Priya Ardis ↠´ If You Haven T Broken The Rules, Have You Really Lived Excalibur Has Been Pulled From The Stone, But What Does It Mean Arriane Aka Ryan DuLac S Got Bigger Problems As Student President, She S Got To Put On The Prom While The Wizard Council Debates Their Next Move, She Leaves The Craziness Behind And Heads Home But She Can T Hide Forever Sooner Than She D Like Merlin Aka Matt Has Her Chasing Mermaids On The Trail Of The Fisher King In Greece The Wounded King, Defeated By Merlin S Brother, Vane, In The Past Holds The Key To Save The FutureOn The Journey, Ryan Begins To Realize The Friends She Thought She Knew, She May Not Know At All At A Time Of Shifting Alliances, She Must Decide Whose Side She S On The Brother Who Struggles To Do Right Or The Brother Who Dares To Break The Rules And Ryan Must Decide Who She Is A Regular Or A Champion One Wrong Decision And Her Family Falls Apart One Wrong Decision And The World Falls Apart No Pressure The first half was a little boring, a lot of drama with love triangle but the second half was good.
This second installment in the Merlin series was even better than the first.
Once again we are taken on a nonstop ride filled with lots of action, adventure, mystery and just enough romance thrown in to keep it really interesting just in case the action and adventure wasn t enough for you.
We getof the mysterious yet hot Merlinerr Matt and the sexy bad boy Vane.
Matt Vane I don t think I could choose between them.
Ryan definitely doesn t have it easy Not only does she have two very tempting wonderful guys to choose from but she is the sword bearer and has to deal with all that involves by being it Oh yeah and did I mention she has to save her friends, her enemies and the whole world too Yep, it isn t easy being Ryan.
And nothing that she did in the first book compares to the risks, sacrifices, trials and journey she takes in this one Thankfully she doesn t have to do it alone She has Vane, Matt, Blake, Grey, Gia and the whole gang there every step of the way to help her.
Good thing too, because she needs all the help she can get for this adventure.
This book was fabulous, it really was I had a really hard time putting it down and unfortunately I had a full day planned when I started this one so some things were put on hold so I could sneak extra time to read just onechapter which of course turned into oneuntil before I knew it I had a pile of things that still needed to be done and a finished book But what a great time I had And lets talk about that heartbreaking ending Gah I really wantI can t believe Ardis left us all hanging like that What a tease I can t wait to find out how this series will end I know I will be right in line waiting to purchase it when it finally hits .
This really has turned into a favorite of mine and I know that I will be checking out what ever Ardis decides to write in the future as well She has a new fan in me I MEAN NO OFFENSE TO THE AUTHOR OR MATT MERLIN LOVERS Wow, great story and I have nothing against the writing style.
Still I want to PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE FACE How can Ryan not be totally in love with Vane by now I always seem to be rooting for the bad boy under dogs when i m reading stories and it hardly ever turns out to be them who get the girl.
Even the titles are pointing towards Matt How unfair.
Who does Vane get Even knowing it s not likely to be a Vane Ryan happy ending I know i m going to end up disappointed if i m wrong which pisses me off Why oh why do the best characters end up alone Merlin seemed to end up beingof a damsel in distress than Ryan did Who wants a guy who they have to keep saving all the time If Ryan just thought of all the times Matt has abandoned her i m sure she d make the right choice.
I m rooting for you Vane buddy Kick Merlin s sadly pathetic a I hated finishing this book How can any author do that to you, leaving you with a second book in a trilogy, just waiting, pining, dying, for the conclusion Because good authors are just EVIL We find Ryan Ms Arrianne DuLac back in old high school withVane as her teacher and boyfriend SCANDALOUSAfter the craziness of the last book, all Ryan wants to do is recuperate from the death of her sister, Alexa, and do normal things for awhile Normal like throwing the best Prom ever Unfortunately, nobody seems to agree with her, even her bad boy boyfriend, Vane Still she manages to keep her life normal until her ex is heading back to town and she ends up sharing his vision of a coming disaster Now the humans must work with the Gargoyle King to stop the disaster I did not want to put this book down, it was great The story moved quickly and was captivating even though there was not as much action as the first book I am not usually a fan of love triangles, but this one had me very interested I spent most of the book trying to justify which brother I think she should date Although, Vane and I are really nothing alike, I think I empathized with him for most of the book Ardis does a good job of keeping the two relationships balanced from a reader perspective I won t give away any spoilers but it has me very interested in how Ryan will be different in the conclusion and I don t event mean the love triangle well that too I have been reading a lot of indie YA lately and it is nice to find diamonds like Ardis after reading so much dross I cannot wait for the next one Stupid authors not releasing all the books at once grumble Also, note to self do not start a great new book on the way to work.
If you have yet to read the first book, My Boyfriend Merlin, then please drop everything, and go read it right now There may be slight spoilers if you continue to read below as some of the first book will bleed into this review, and there is nothing I hatethan spoiling a good, no scratch that, great read for others Please consider yourself warned.
My Merlin Awakening picks up shortly after where My Boyfriend Merlin left off Ryan has pulled the sword, but in order to protect the candidate he loves Merlin takes the credit Of course he also attempts to expose magic to the world, but he is thwarted in this attempt Merlin also chooses, albeit a difficult choice, to let Ryan go in order to keep his visions, and attempt to save the world from it s judgment day.
Vane, the brother of Merlin, endlessly attempts to win Ryan, but even as her boyfriend he can t seem to break through her heart No, that heart refuses to make a choice She has feelings for both brothers, but the only thing they seem to have in common is trying to control and protect her.
Can Ryan make a choice between the one she wants to save, and the one she truly loves Does her choice affectthan just her Will she ever come to terms with being the chosen one before it s too late Author Priya Ardis delivers once again with a page turning, life interrupting, teasing story line I am already longing for the next story, though I am saddened to know the next will be the last This author has a distinct knack for weaving in legend with the modern twist If you had the chance to read My Boyfriend Merlin, then My Merlin Awakening will not disappoint you one single iota I wish I could just blurt it all out, but then you wouldn t have a reason to read it for yourself This is an author that shouldn t be overlooked, and although she is a YA writer, adults will love, no, cherish the stories she shares I look forward to the final story, but I hope Ms Ardis continues to grace us with her writing for years to come.
WOW, WOW, WOW I have encountered few second books that were better than the first, and this was one of them If you haven t read the first book, maybe don t read the synopsis just in case but if you did, I mean, just read the synopsis HELLO AWESOMENESS When I saw mermaids mentioned in it, I was like OO, okay, this book is going to give me feels.
It was hard being Ryan The choice she made can break or make the world It was hard choosing a side, which reminded me of The Nicholas Flammel Series where I struggled with picking a side Also, this book had mythical creatures like in Percy Jackson and The Nicholas Flammel Series, love it Okay, the romance in the first book was like whoa, but the drama and romance in this book was HOLY CRAZINESS I don t want to give anything away but seriously OO I felt like I knew Vane better in this book and I liked that, kind of reminds me of my crush of the moment, Aoimine Daiki The two both gave off this aura that scares you with power, hunger, and tension But you kind of guess there was probably a softer side and a sad life before So I really have a love hate relationship with Vane If you like a break from the fantasy of this book, the romance and the characters normal life will provide that need See this is what it amazes me Priya really captured the heart and soul of this series She really brought Merlin and everyone back to life in this modern setting But I think what I like the most about this whole series is the adventure I rarely see any adventure based YA books Sure this series had a huge undertone of romance, but I felt like the adventure made it up for the book Now I shall look forMerlin books or fanfic while I wait for the next book.
An addictive, gritty and page turning addition to the series Nearly shedding her last vestiges of innocent youth, Ryan finds herself in the dark underworlds of the sword bearer s journey and in the dark space between her feelings for Vane and Matt I loved the eerie settings described with beautiful imagery, from attics in haunted houses to hidden cities to spaces inside the character s minds The journey to save the world has been turned up a notch So too has the love triangle And as Ryan herself, we re left wantingI can t wait for the final installment 3.
5 Hmm, okay, this one is hard I actually really like the adventure in these books and the crazy, unpredictable action, but I have lots of problems with the romance I don t care much for Vane he seems like a power hungry, abusive control freak to me And Ryan s interactions with Matt never go the way I d like them to Seems crazy that he d have to choose her over the safety of the whole world and that she punishes him because he doesn t Yes, Matt does have a bit of a hero complex and I hate that he hides things from Ryan and doesn t trust her though she does often do insane, stupid things, so who can blame him , but come on, it s protecting the entire world from catastrophe Is Ryan really that selfish Can t she give him a little leeway especially when he s getting crazy, destructive, tsunami visions I must allow that Ryan did have one moment in this book of finally seeing his POV on the importance of the visions, which was something I guess But, does she have to constantly punish Matt by making out with Vane Isn t there some way for Matt and Ryan to be together and him to still have the visions Please I d love to see some real, unrestrained action between these two And, Vane sorry, I really don t like him much at least not as boyfriend material And, I m kind of sickened that Ryan doesn t seem to be bothered that he abuses her, has no regard for the lives of friends allies, and seems to be on some power hungry trip Yes, he s charmingly insecure,hands on romantically than Matt, and brutally hot, but does that excuse his actions I think Ryan must get off on being bullied, pressured, and strong armed around or being nearly killed Or, she wants a father figure or an authority figure or an unstable, unpredictable psycho as a boyfriend And, I still can t get over how she s completely forgotten that Vane could ve saved her mother, but didn t Honestly It s bad when both love interests in a triangle are infuriating and mistreat the heroine No one to root for It wouldn t take much for the author to convince me that Matt s a fantastic choice for Ryan since I can understand his actions motivations A LOTthan Vane s , but I don t think I ll ever be completely on board with Vane unless he has a MAJOR personality change All this aside, this book is action packed and unpredictable I like the other characters a lot especially Grey view spoiler WEIRD, yet interesting development with him being a gargoyle and royalty hide spoiler This was a free nookbook so it was better than most It was better than the first The author knows how to suck you in What I didn t like is that she is supposed to be this awesome warrior chick and the one beating her up is her boyfriend Are we now saying it s okay to stay in an abusive relationship, as long he can push you to be your best too what are we teaching our teenage daughters That really pissed me off.