[Carol Rivers] ↠´ East End Angel [queer-studies PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ This was a good story Carol Rivers has done a lot of research that really took me back to time during the second World War There did come to one point close to the end where I thought things ended a bit suddenly with everything tied up neatly, though I do enjoy a happy ending It was a fine change to read this book as l luke murder and mystery June , Isle Of Dogs, LondonIn The Dark Days Following The Blitz, Happiness Visits Young Pearl Jenkins As She Celebrates Her Marriage To Jim Nesbitt But What Should Be A Joyful Occasion Is Marred When A Fight Breaks Out Between Jim And Ricky Winters, An Unwelcome Visitor From Pearl S Past And To Pearl S Horror, The New Beau Of Her Wayward Younger Sister RubyIncreasingly Uneasy At Staying At Home When Other Men Are Off Fighting For Their Country, Jim Enlists, Leaving Pearl At Home Alone, Pregnant, And At Ricky S MercyTogether, Pearl And Ruby Must Bring Up Baby Cynthia While Struggling To Make Ends Meet And Dodge The Doodlebugs And All The Time, Pearl Must Hide The Dark Secret She Harbours, One Which Would Tear The Two Sisters Apart As Well As Her MarriageThen Tragedy Strikes Both On The Home Front And In The Trenches And Pearl Is Forced To Fight Like Never Before To Keep Her Family Safe Good book about war and family abit disappointed with the ending.
The story opens with a dilemma for the main character that draws you straight into the book This is a page turner that is full of secrets, suspense and family drama Carol Rivers at her best.
War yearsThis book takes to the Island and the people s lives and the war years living there Good read all around My verdict 4 5A very nice read The story is about War, Family and Love.
The story brought a feeling of happiness Even if the life of Pearl and Ruby could be seen around us, it was really refreshing Reading flows like a calm river I finished it in a week I heard Carol Rivers, when my friend gave this book The binding of the book was good and the cover page got my attention The cover page shows a full scale picture of Pearl in brilliant red attire and holding a travelling bag The lady wore make up which enhance her beauty I realize the protagonist is a lady I realize the story unfolds in Second World War I keep on thinking, what was this girl doing in War time Thought leads to curiosity and I began reading East End Angel on a fine Monday morning.
Carol Rivers is proficient in creating strong female characters who can love with passion and can endure through all crisis.
Initially I felt like Pearl and Nesbit married only for love making Part one of the book is overflowed with their love making But the story changes when it moves to part two and takes further diversions in part three.
I never expect super suspense or mind blowing thriller climaxes All I want was a cool and happy climax Carol Rivers fulfill my expectation and I am much happy for that.
East End Angel is a simple book It is highly preferable during journeys It brings nostalgia and happy feelings for our family.
RegardsAnish Antony

I had read one of Carol Rivers books before but I have to say I much preferred this one The story of how people were affected by the war was clearly well researched There was a lot of information about what happened which added to the story and made it all the believable Pearl was clearly a strong cookie and knew how to cope I felt sorry for Ruby especially with what she was going through towards the end of the book Not only was Hitler and enemy but so was Ricky who bought a number of twist and turns to the story and added to the drama of it IMG0466 After the last book I read I wasn t sure about reading another one of Carol Rivers but this one has made me see them in a different light so I may give another one ago Another engaging read by Carol Rivers This story centres on Pearl, her husband, Jim, her sister, Ruby and an old flame, Ricky Baby Cynthia brought light into a story that could have been boring in parts without her presence A book about relationships, and that it s always best to tell the truth, then your past mistakes can t be held against you.
Love books set in this era and this one was no exception.
Really good storyline and very well written.