[D.M. Wolfenden] º Carly [werecats PDF] Read Online ç Carly Has Been Through A Horrendous Ordeal Her Cousin Has Disappeared, And Her Family Were Murdered In Front Of Her By A Crazy Neighbour She Tells The Police That James Andres Had Been Stalking Her, Then He Killed Her Family And Kidnapped Her And That She Has Killed Him However, She Refuses To Reveal Where The Body Is Once In Custody, Carly Agrees To A Meeting With A Female Reporter, Vanessa St John Carly Insists She Tells The Whole Story In Her Words She Talks About The Dog And The Box, But Where Are The Dog And Box Now Vanessa St John Appears To Have Her Own Agenda As The Tension Builds In Both Of The Women Seated Opposite Each Other What the what This book is less than 40 pages but still has managed to be in my list of top best mystery thrillers Absolutely amazing 100% recommended It s difficult to write a review on this short story without giving anything away It s a mind twister, filled with plenty of surprises Just when you think you have it figured out, it veers off in a different direction Even though most of it is back and forth dialog between two characters, you don t get the dreaded talking heads syndrome You can feel yourself in the room with the interviewer and interviewee, sense their anger and frustration, feel the buildup of tension between them It s definitely worth a read to keep your brain cells working And the cover is a wonderful depiction of Carly.
Book received in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Morgan at Twisted Soulmates Book Reviews 4.
5 stars I really enjoyed this book Even though it s a short story, it packs a full length book into it I Ioved the different writing style the author used, definitely bringing a refreshing side to the story This book is full of exciting twists, turns, and an amazing surprise ending that s sure to leave you with your jaw on the floor read this amazing thriller and follow the clues as Carly reveals her story A spit fire story that will keep you on your toes This was an interesting read Good sharp writing that kept me gripped It told of Carly who is prison Slowly the story of why she is there unravels Carly then tells a journalist the whole story so the reader understands what went on from the beginning.
There were flashbacks which brought the reader to the centre of the action.
I knew there was a twist coming I just could quite work it out.
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D M Wolfenden s short story Carly takes place while she is in police custody Carly has agreed to be interviewed by a reporter She has experienced horrific loss and she shares her story with a reporter Carly s pain feels real and raw Her strength of character is exposed during the interview The author seamlessly weaves her flashbacks into this original page turner Carly is a quick well written read The secrets exposed are shocking A totally unexpected conclusion Will the truth be revealed A taut plot and absorbing twists and turns make this a good read The author has a visual style of drawing the reader into the centre of the action The characters are etched with fine detail, particularly the lead character A bit of tight editing and the book would be a fine example of its genre.
The Goodreads group Shut Up read Read It Reap provided the PDF in exchange for an honest review.
I had to read this short story twice, just to see if my first impressions still lingered Seeing all the 4 and 5 stars, I thought I had read the wrong story.
Unfortunately, the story fell just as flat the second time around Writing in the short form is difficult and I applaud anyone who writes in the format But it s frustrating when it s done poorly.
First, the over the top descriptions bright green eye , the hard fluorescent lighting , clip clop of high heels , pale blue eyes shone from her porcelain face Lord, it was like description diarrhea Arg The writing felt like D.
M had this great idea for an ending and then tried really hard to create a story to go with said ending Unfortunately the story and the ending both failed.
Flashbacks are hard to write And when you write them well, they are fantastic In Carly, it s a textbook example of what NOT to do with flashbacks Either we re told xyz happened and then we get a flashback showing us just what was told to us or we re given a flashback that does nothing to move the story forward Carly demonstrated a poor use of flashbacks.
The payoff of the ending was nonexistent There was no twist and it wasn t even believable The lack of originality, the flat writing, and the lackluster storyline made for a difficult read.
A total twist I don t know how to write a review without even saying that A horror, who done what, rather than who dun it in my mind Written somewhat in a Stephen King style I think this short story could have been a novella withbackground into Carly s family and particularly her cousin Lisa But, some good character portrayal with Carly and Lisa and good plot twists.
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Yesssss Congrats D.
M Wolfenden You held my attention from the beginning and, even better, had me wanting to keep going until I was done OK, lets see, this had me trying to figure stuff out I was wondering why the guard was kind to her Ooohhhhh it was good The writing was very descriptive and had me saying eww out loud when she was describing some of the watchin and torturing activities Yes, creepy indeed Oooohhh Carly You smart girl I liked it a bunch I liked the transition from present to past and back to present Overall, the book flowed fine to me and had me flipping the pages in anticipation Obviously I am looking forward to MORE Job well done Oh, and the covers are fantastic Feeling meter Oooohhhh yeahhhh