↠´ Read Ó Wasteland by Mur Lafferty Ü Great 4th installment in the series and setting us up for the final book and all out War.
A very enjoyable read, the only sad thing about it is it being rather brief, but that just gears me up to get started with the final book in the series and then indulge inof the works of Mur Lafferty I would highly recommend this to everyone, but in this particular series you do need to have read the previous books and to read them in order.
Book number 30 in my 2012 Reading Challenge of 50 books is Wasteland by Mur Lafferty Wasteland is the fourth installment of Mur Lafferty s Afterlife SeriesIn Wasteland, Kate and Daniel find themselves exploring what they believe is the Wasteland , after being exiled from Heaven and Hell Instead, they realize that they have been view spoiler placed there to explore their newly created Earth Earth 3, Imari The first Earth as we know it today and the second Earth created by Kate by her blood and tears has been destroyed As they wander through Imari, Kate meets newly created gods and believes that their purpose is to use this Earth to save and rebuild the other two With a completely different crew, Kate and Daniel sail way to Meridian and beyond hide spoiler Mur Lafferty s Heaven series continues This short entry introduces us to some new gods Also, there s dinosaurs and steampunk because why not Since anyone who dies can come back to life, the stakes seem pretty low, but it s still fun.
Enjoyed the renewed look at a vision for the story.
I recently finished Wasteland by Mur Lafferty and I have to say I was impressed I quite enjoyed Heaven but Hell and Earth left much to be desired It was nice to see that the qualities that I enjoyed in the first book returned without the drag that it had The story picks up where Earth left off with Daniel wondering the Wasteland, Kate being dead oncelike Jean Grey, and Cthulhu had eaten the world that Kate made without the help of Daniel After some trippy sprit vision quest, Daniel finds Kate alive and well but their first planet still intertwined in the guts of the Dark Beast They find themselves in the second Earth they made by accident in the first woman s house The chat a bit with her, then she drops dead, which was the signal for these two to hump like mad rabbits in every room After they finished the ventured into the world with curiosity and found that they were in the middle of Jurassic Park meets Steampunk Daniel finds that he had inspired a wacked out religion of self mutilating zealots while Kate s followers have become the engineers of the world Their objective switches to freeing the lesser gods who were tacked on near the end when faffing about became stale When you finally met these gods I couldn t help but feel that they were just filling the role of tropes that were already being filled How many Omniscience fix it all stoic females does this story need Not to mention questionably intelligent males The sun god reminded me of Lennie from Of Mice and Men I d not respect him as a grownup let along a god On the whole, it was really good The story superseded my expectations after the previous book and gave me hope for the next book In a steampunk, pirate, dinosaur, alternate evolutionary tale it could appear too cluttered, however, the strange bedfellows make for an interesting balance Also, Mur wrote some of the better steampunk scenes I ve seen in a while.

Daniel is exiled with Kate to the Wastelands after what happened to both Heaven and Hell at his mistakes The battle is still being fought, but Daniel and Kate are removed from it Daniel has lost Kate and the baby Earth Or has he What happens to the dead when they die in the Afterlife If they are together they are stronger and can do what needs to be done.
Earth Things are changing in the Wastelands Another Earth is created, unintentionally, but it could help in the end goal.
The story does include a quick thought and mention to where the worlds are at this point in the books I like this refresher worked in We go on with the story of our duo, but we make full circle in the end, there is still a war being waged between Heaven and Demons And it seems we ll get back to it in the next story It is neat seeing the world they subconsciously created The animals Okay, dinosaurs And the creation of the cities here The neat influence of gears and steam The religion that is picked upoh boy How Daniel and Kate respond to that Religion Mur has ties weaved into the world that gives our duo help, and that the troubles are still out there to be tended too.
It seems this story to be where Daniel is reveredon this world And Kate does the not so nice thing, in this Earth Nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a bit Daniel, being a god, deserves to feel some follower love for a bit Help boost his confidence that I felt had faltered in the last book He s not absorbed by the worship though He s not fond of it He does not let it go to his head and doesn t make Kate feel beneath him He understandsthan any and even jokes about the huge mess he s made.
This story has brought me full circle to worry of the war that s being battled We might be on to find a fewallies, but we need to get back and help save the Earth along with Heaven and Hell On to the last story to see how things balance out This book is about Daniel and Kate, after the events of the third novella, landing in the Wastelands and wondering what to do next Honestly, I kinda felt like most of the first half was spent just putting the pawns into position for the endgame of the series, which seems to extend from about halfway through this novella and into the final chapter, but once that does all happen, it starts gettinginteresting again although wildly different in feel to the first two novellas view spoiler Daniel and Kate land in the Wastelands, and a second Earth arises due to their actions The first replacement Earth is shrouded in a dark mist that they can t penetrate, and the second one is created in the same orbit but on the opposite side of the sun, so the two never see each other This leads to the new world being vastlysynthetic according to the main characters because this world was made by their efforts and plans whereas the first Earth was made organically, by Kate s birth They then meet the gods of the world that has come into being, which was actually pretty awesome.
At one point Kate learns that her religion is of the opinion that she s kinda aloof, and Daniel learns that his religion cuts the eyes out of newborns in his name Kate smashes a city up due to her anger over how the people have misinterpreted their godliness and this proves important later on Given that, in the first book, Kate is portrayed as being quite passive at points, this seemed a bit proactive for her however the characters do change vastly over the course of the series and so perhaps this was a symptom of that.
The end of the novella sees the formation of a group of gods, and sets up the fifth novella with its associated superhero vibes nicely hide spoiler Excellent stuff.
This one really felt like the series coming into its own Kate and Daniel accidentally create a new Earth, go exploring in it, and start to formulate a plan of how to rescue the other Earth that they created earlier in the series.
In those explorations, we get a lot of the sci fi whimsy that Lafferty is known for dinosaur ranchers airships levitating cities and Kate and Daniel becomeaccustomed to their roles as gods Can t wait to see how the whole thing ends I am actually quite into this series Yes, there are some low points and clich s, but in general it is fun I love good imagination and Mur Lafferty seems to have it The story sometimes goes all over the place, and I can imagine how all of this will probably end, but the journey really isimportant to me And so far, it is a good one.
Winner Of TheParsec Award For Best Novella PodcastPraise For The Afterlife Series It S Like A Unifying Theory For All Religions And Mythologies, Binding Together Diverse Cosmologies Into A Coherent, End Of The World Tale In Which The Deepest Human Values May Not Be Enough To Save Us Full Of Surprises And Pointed Observations About Human Behaviour Minister Faust, Author Of From The Notebook Of Dr Brain And The Alchemists Of Kush Lafferty Is A Funny Writer, With A Clear Obsession For Afterlife Mythos And An Admirable Hand At Drawing Likable Characters One Of The Most Promising Writers It S Great To See Her Turning Out Such Good Work Already BoingBoing Cory Doctorow From TheJohn W Campbell Award Nominee And Two Time Parsec Award WinnerThe Popular Afterlife Series Continues With The Story Of Redemption And RebuildingDaniel Is Exiled And The New Earth Is In Trouble In His Efforts To Restore Kate, A New World Is Born Out Of The Wasteland And The Two Have To Make Their Way In It The Issue Of The Besieged Heaven And Earth Are Never Far From Their Minds As They Explore This Odd New World