[Mike Bennett] ó Underwood and Flinch [lais PDF] Ebook Epub Download Á Without a doubt the most enjoyable vampire story I have ever read listened to I d go so far as to say that it is one of my all time favourite books of any genre A wonderful mix of old school scares, humour, and great characterisation makes for the perfect antidote to the twinkling romantic teeny vampire stories that have raised to prominence in recent years I first stumbled upon the UF universe by trying out the audio podcast version and was instantly hooked The story is brilliantly narrated by the author himself and in my opinion he does a far better job than many professionals I ve listened to on Audible.
I think I m now up to my 5th copy of the printed version as I keep gifting them to friends in my eagerness to introduce them to this world I can t recommend UF highly enough and am sure anybody would enjoy it even if it is not your usual genre of choice I gave UF 5 stars because it wouldn t let me give 10 Lord Underwood is about to rise from his grave in 2008 after a 50 year sleep in Spain David Flinch, a recovering alcoholic and former military paramedic, is dragged metaphorically kicking and screaming not so metaphorically from his job as an EFL teacher to take up the family tradition as guardian and servant to the vampire His sister Lydia would rather it be her position, and frankly, David would just as soon it be hers as well But thenthings get complicated.
Sex, violence, murder, Russian mobsters, pirates, wolves, white slavery, incest, evil estate agents, expat pub owners, people in over their heads, a man from the 1950s learning about smartphones and CD players.
basically there is nothing in this book that isn t awesome It s dark humor with a very sharp bite so to speak The vampire is very much not a good guy but he s not really a bad guy, either, and the tension between David s moral and ethical sensibilities, and his new job as the chap who buries the bodies, makes this story compelling The story is only enhanced by Bennett s magnificent and very professional production He s as talented a voice actor as he is a writer, and this along with his droll intro outro bits for each podcast, as well as the excellent music, make listening to the audio version a real delight AND IT S FREE If you really don t do the podcast audiobook thing, the ebook is free on Smashwords as well, but the added dimension from the reading is what elevated this book to five stars, for me For nowuntil the moon rises, um, never mind.
This is an absolutely fabulous work, there aren t words yet to describe its greatness but I will try.
Mike Bennett is a very talented author and a superb story teller, he knows how to bring his characters to life and he does it exceptionally well, you feel that you know them as real people, their joy will make you smile with them and you will feel their fear and be scared with them, each chapter had me begging for .
As well as being a well written story the book is also well researched, little details that others will fabricate Mike has taken time to ensure that his are real if they exist in the real world , for me this only added the icing on the cake.
I don t like reading spoilers in reviews so I don t put spoilers in mine but I will close with saying that you should listen to this, really, it s addictive and you won t regret it.
It took me a while to get through all of the podcasts for this, partially because I was occasionally swayed by other podiobooks and music I have to say that the one thing that was consistent throughout the book was Bennett s narration It s incredibly professional and polished and I think that people would be hard pressed to find many podiobooks out there that are this well done The story here is pretty well done as well I like that Bennett tried to create a vampire that isn t the broody, emo dark prince looking for his princess, and he succeeded in that Underwood does have a bit of the broody sense to him, but for the most part he s a selfish bastard that is only out to preserve his own hide He has his own set of morals and while he does try to be a gentleman, that only extends as far as what he considers to be right or wrong A great example of this slight spoiler would be when Underwood discovers that the strip bar that he and David have entered is full of victims of human trafficking and he doesn t particularly care For him it just means that he d have been able to get an easier meal and he s condescending towards David s outrage over the situation This makes for a nice change over the usual vampire story, because it makes sense that someone would overlook suffering and condone violence when they ve lived that long I do have a few quibbles The first is that at several points we have a bit of an about face turn on some issues that just doesn t feel quite genuine You ll likely know what they are when you see them and I don t want to list them here because they re major spoilers It s not a complete 180, but it s enough of one to where I did raise an eyebrow The second issue I had is that Bennett packs a lot into the story and while this does lend itself extremely well to an episodic podcast format, I don t know how well this would translate into a written book I m aware that the full podcast was split into two books, so I m sure that this helped that issue for those who read it, but I would definitely recommend that people experience this via podcast as opposed to book only Purchase the book and give Bennett your money as I do believe that he deserves some financial rewards, but the podiobook version is the way to go All in all, this was still an excellent listen It wasn t perfect perfect, but it was definitely something I d recommend to anyone looking for something a bit out of the norm from your typical vampire read It s good enough that I know I ll check out Bennett s future works, that s for certain.
There is little I can add to what others have already said This is simply a great book I don t usually like horror stories, but the quality of the narration, the marvelous accents and voices that Mr Bennett uses for his characters, and the outstanding audio production of this podcast completely captured me The plot and character development is rich and interesting Just a quick warning the language is rough in many places and there are sceans of great violence There are also a few sceans that are explicitly sexual.

I am almost done with this book podcast and it is one of my all time favorites and I have listened to tons of podcasts as that s the only way I can get through a day at work with the humans I don t generally like vampire books as they are all about the same But this one snagged me at chapter 1 and I have been listening non stop I would also like to mention that the author selected the PERFECT music to accompany his story I actually went to ITUNES and bought the music that was included with this podcast It doesn t get really loud at the end and beginning of the chapters either which I loved The narration of this story was really great and the english accent was of course perfect for the story I highly recommend this book It s right up there with Ransom Stephens and Scott Sigler as my all time faves Audio review Outstanding story, back story, nearly action packed All of us have seen or read vampire stories In most cases they all follow one of two story types This one is completely different A story of a honorable yet evil vampire lord rich in culture being lead by his line of blood servants The characters are all well done with their own goals, desires, and quests Never a point of confusion and the plot is flat out amazing Its a great listen and I m sure an amazing read If you enjoy vampires, give this one a listen, I promise its really different and will get you excited as you start to love Lord Underwood but hate him just as quickly.
I have so much respect for these writers who work hard on their novels and then publish and podcast them for free It took me a bit if time to get into this one, but because of Mr Bennett s great voice work and writing, I did get attached to the story and the characters, and I was not quite ready for the story to come to an even after 45 episodes I did give some to Mike s IndieGoGo campaign in hopes it will help him gaintime to put outwonderful books.
It s 2008 and Lord Underwood has risen from the grave in Spain after 50 years Alcoholic former medic David Flinch is poised, however reluctantly, to take his familial place as mortal guardian to Lord Underwood But wait, Lord Underwood must feed of course and how to dispose of all those bodies, or do we really need to And what about the Sect and David s sister who desperately wants Lord Underwood to turn her into a vampire Then there are all those pesky Russian mobsters looking to avenge a murder, and the English pub owners who thought they were hidden from them Pirates real ones , Nazis, werewolves, white slavery, and nosy detectives too.
Are you sick of wimpy sparkly vampire romance stories Well UF is a vampire novel like no other you have ever read or listened to, or seen.
Check out the treats in Mike Bennett s Hall of Mirrors or what Dusty and Gaz have in store for you over at One Among the Sleepless if you are still skeptical of how good this can be.
For Hundreds Of Years, The First Born Son Of The Flinch Family Has Grown To Become Servant And Guardian To The Vampire, Lord Underwood Then In , Underwood Lay Down To Rest For Fifty Years, And The World Moved On Without Him Now, Upon Arising, Underwood Finds The Flinch Family Is Not What It Was, And Service Is The Last Thing On The Mind Of His Would Be ServantUnderwood and Flinch Is A Free Podcast Novel And Is Available To Download From UnderwoodandFlinch