[ Pdf La solitudine dei numeri primi ï paganism PDF ] by Paolo Giordano ☆ I finished this book moments ago and find myself irritated instead of thoughtful I want to love this novel, it s unusual, bleak, as real and demanding as gum stuck to your shoe, but there is no payoff for my time spent with it Each painstakingly set up scenario of adolescent and adult angst trauma is left dangling like a series of complicated esher drawings that lead nowhere and are partially erased.
The author s style is raw and minimal He s able to occupy a girl woman s psyche as seamlessly as a man s and he shines when he s occupying interior spaces she had grown attached to it with the obstinacy with which people become attached only to things that hurt them The lead characters battle with anorexia and cutting very current, almost hip post modern symptoms.
But where was the denouement, or the arc The lack of completion of myriad thoughts and plot devices SPOILER ALERT , i.
e was it indeed Michela at the hospital Does Alice survive her anorexia What happens when Viola realizes her film is ruined Without these answers, even in the most obscured revelations, we miss not only the emotional payoff, but the lesson movement character growth, IMO.
I m disappointed, because I was excited as I moved through the first half of the novel I felt I was discovering something In the end Giordano uses emptiness and lack of resolution as a plot device, and I respond with the dissatisfaction I feel he should have expected Nihilism is negating, not stimulating As a series of shorts moving toward some sort of message, Giordano might have moved me As a novel I feel I ll have an eternal storyline itch I cannot scratch with The Solitude of Prime Numbers.
Developmental AgonyI m not sure how this book has been marketed or how I encountered it, but it s definitely YA not adult fiction Lots of schmaltzy tragedy and teenage angst with a core of unlikely coincidence Very hard going if you re over age 21 I suspect Definitely a waste of time for an old stump such as myself The most significant effect of reading the thing is a feeling of vaguely regretful embarrassment for an afternoon I can t recover So unless you re into mean girls, oblivious parents, eating disorders and self harming, you ll want to give it a miss.
Library Overdrive ebook FANTASTIC.
I CAN T BELIEVE NOBODY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this book to me I literally picked it from the library KNEW NOTHING.
quickly did a run down of ratings on Goodreads I read a few 3 star reviews but nobody was raving about it.
Then I saw a 4 star review from Marialyce She didn t rave but said it was touching and sad and in a way compelling to read of these children who grew up so far removed from affection and love My gut kept pulling me toward this book I still was aware of other lower reviews.
even 1 star reviews.
but I started reading while spinning on the spinnaker bike Wow.
I was so drawn into the story I couldn t pull away It s only 288 pages but it packs in an array of ongoing intimate sensitive details It s a character driven novel with juicy interesting stories about each character The focus is on two main characters named Alice Della Rocca and Mattia Balossino two people I ve been thinking about throughout the dark hours of my sleep last night while tossing and turning I thought about the supporting cast too They re also memorable I thought about the parents of both Alice and Mattia, Mattia s twin sister, Michela, who was severely handicapped and his close friend Denis who secretly loves Mattia I thought about how Mattia handled their friendship situation knowing Denis had attraction towards him yet never encouraged it Denis had struggles with his sexual identity but by developing an honest friendship with Mattia genuinely being friends we got to witness positive loving acceptance Their friendship reminded me just how powerful and difference making having a great understanding close friend can literally deeply enrich a person s life of how they feel about themselves and their place in the world I thought about Alice s friend Viola Bai who was a popular girl in school and how desperately Alice wanted to be friends with her when they were teenagers even thinking her new violet flower tattoo on her belly would win her friendship But Viola contributes emotional wounds that stays with Alice throughout her life Later enters Fabio And later Nadia and Albertoand CrozzaSoledad was another character I couldn t forget She was the housekeeper and part time nanny in the Della Rocca home Soledad sneaked a lover into her bedroom one night when Mr Mrs Della Rocca were out for the night Alice still young at the time was suppose to be asleep but catches them Alice keeps the secret but uses it to her benefit that could have cost Soledad her job Soledad was hiding some information she didn t want Alice s parents to ever find out.
so it was interesting how Soledad with darker skin than Alice pulled off one of Alice s demandsall in the name of keeping secrets So.
now that I ve introduce many of the supporting characters let me share about the leading characters Alice and Mattia They both had traumatic childhoods Both are left with permanent physical and emotional lifelong scars.
Alice had a father who pushed her beyond her natural desire or abilities to work towards becoming an Olympian skier She has a horrible accident on the ski slopes.
She is left permanently crippled her left leg the worse The emotional suffering stems from both her home environment and from school bullies Anorexia takes root and continues throughout Alice s adulthood.
Mattia, is a mathematician science prodigy devastated by guilt He directly in part was at cause for his twin sister s disappearance presumed dead when they were children His sisters molecules were scattered all through his body.
When stressed Mattia turns to self mutilating cutting himself Alice and Mattia meet when attending the same secondary school Both were teased and slammed for their impairments They develop a friendship.
understanding the shunning they receive from others There was a shared space between their bodies, the confines of which were not well delineated, from which nothing seemed to be missing and in which the air seemed motionless, undisturbed Alice walked a step ahead of him and Mattia s slight drag balanced her cadence, erasing the imperfections of her faulty leg He let himself be carried forward, his feet making not the slightest sound on the tiles His scars were hidden and safe in her hand However at times Alice was curt and could be really sharp and snippy towards Mattia It made their friendship trying Mattia says There was something in her way of behaving, something in the violence with which his friend satisfied her childish whims, that he found unbearable It felt as if she had tied him to a chair and then called hundreds of people, showing him off like a possession of hers, some kind of funny pet After secondary school Mattia attends a University in Spain.
as he was sought after given his brilliant math skills Alice barks snorts once again at Mattia when he tells her of his college opportunities A nine year silence develops from Alice s behavior Mattia focuses on his work Alice herself stays closer to home for college attends nursing school gets married but the relationship fails As I got closer to the end very little left to read I became aware of the title of this book than ever something kept separating Mattia and Alice yet here they were looking closer than ever towards the end they both had matured we felt them wanting to be together yet their synchronicity didn t quiet meet again Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK I d read it again I think it would make fantastic book club discussion I didn t even know the history ABOUT this book until after I read it Wow.
such a surprise even a bigger surprise that readers haven t responded stronger to it This was Paolo Giordano s debut novel A three million Italian bestseller and winner of Italy s prestigious Premio Strega award It s not a stuffy academic pretentious novel in any shape or form It s a wonderful coming of age novel that hits on three levels head, heart, and gut.

The idea is beautiful Compare people to numbers, compare the loneliness of people who don t know how to belong to the otherness of prime numbers, and thus imply that there could be resolution to their alienation because it s part of a logical pattern, and if they can t belong to everyone, at least they can belong to each other.
However, other than the fact that Mattia, one of the main characters, is a genius mathematician, and one passage where he introduces the concept of twin prime numbers, there s really no mention of this theme In addition, the characters are dull and silent at best, and selfish and unlikable at worst There is no progression The relationships and the characters all follow the same motions, repeated endlessly for the 20 years that are covered in the book.
If prime numbers interest you and that s how the title caught your attention, read pages 111 113.
La solitudine dei numeri primi The Solitude of Prime Numbers, Paolo Giordano The Solitude of Prime Numbers, is a novel by the Italian author Paolo Giordano, published in 2008 As a seven year old girl, Alice Della Rocca is forced by her father to take skiing lessons, although she hates the ski school and has no particular aptitude for the sport One morning, Alice is separated from the rest of the group and falls off a cliff, sustaining serious injuries Alice will remain crippled for the rest of her life Mattia Balossino is a gifted and intelligent child, unlike his twin sister Michela, who suffers from a severe form of mental retardation Isolated from the rest of his peers because of his uncomfortable sister, Mattia lives his childhood in solitude When he and his sister are invited to a classmate s birthday party, Mattia leaves Michela in a park so he can attend the party without her Upon his return to the park a few hours later, Michela has disappeared, perhaps drowned in a nearby pond, and is never found despite a police search and investigation 2014 1392 119 9789642437276 1395 21 2008 2010 Absolute disappointment.
One of the worst book I ve ever read.
The flatness of the characters is an insult to the reader.
His number 2760889966649Her number 2760889966651Apparently, one is not the most loneliest number in the world From the moment I started reading this book, I couldn t put it down it was completely engrossing I can t really begin to think of an accurate way to describe the depth of solitude these two people seemingly want to seek out in their lives because it comforts them All I know is that I found myself relating on so many levels in making stupid decisions, in feeling socially awkward, in being unable and unwilling to communicate true feelings, and in being paralyzed by fear It was like an awakening I first thought Alice s story could have been a classic poor little rich girl scenario, but then I realized she was complex than that Desperate as she was to fit in after a skiing accident rendered her lame, Alice struggled to accept herself as she was, and in turn couldn t find anyone to do the same That is until she found Mattia.
Mattia s journey seemed a bit poignant than Alice s His tragedy completely devastated him because he was responsible for it Believing his sister drowned in a river near a park where he had left her, Mattia drowned himself in his studies, often obsessing over numbers As a result he lost himself, retreating into a reality where precision mattered than chance And I couldn t help falling completely in love with Mattia, and envying numbers because of the way he described them so beautifully I really liked how the story took the reader through each stage of their lives The innocent stupidity of childhood, the awkwardness of being a teenager, and the self evaluation of adulthood There was a great love between the characters, but it always remained silent, teetering at the very edge of the surface, but never quite making it over And their HEA was very different, but in the end I think they both got what they really wanted, and that left me feeling hopeful for them Bottom line Perfectly translated, fascinating read that I can t wait to re read A Bestselling International Literary Sensation About Whether A Prime Number Can Ever Truly Connect With Someone ElseA Prime Number Can Only Be Divided By Itself Or By One It Never Truly Fits With Another Alice And Mattia, Both Primes, Are Misfits Who Seem Destined To Be Alone Haunted By Childhood Tragedies That Mark Their Lives, They Cannot Reach Out To Anyone Else When Alice And Mattia Meet As Teenagers, They Recognize In Each Other A Kindred, Damaged Spirit But The Mathematically Gifted Mattia Accepts A Research Position That Takes Him Thousands Of Miles Away, And The Two Are Forced To Separate Then A Chance Occurrence Reunites Them And Forces A Lifetime Of Concealed Emotion To The Surface Like Mark Haddon S The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time, This Is A Stunning Meditation On Loneliness, Love, And The Weight Of Childhood Experience That Is Set To Become A Universal Classic I have read other reviews and many people enjoyed the first half best, as did I I believe the reason being that our youth is bittersweet, even the horrors we suffer from it The early days for a detached Mattia are spoiled by a tragedy he is responsible for I was shocked and saddened by the ramifications a choice made as a child seemed to carry for him One thing I must add, I didn t like how the writer jumped from that tragedy to the future because I really wanted to know what happened in the aftermath Alice, on the other hand, is an awkward child who experiences cringe worthy embarrassments at the hands of her cruel peers I think every person on earth, popular or not as a child, can remember at least one moment of being an outcast And accident also befalls her when skiing that makes her a bit of a social mess as well The two oddities are destined to meet and bond but the close, but not close enough to really touch each other becomes the theme of this novel Both Mattia and Alice are deeply stunted individuals that are impossible to connect with This novel carries the sad reality of the messiness some people carry that obstructs the path to love and happiness If you re looking for a romantic, feel good novel, this is not for you It s a bit dark and deeply sad Will the two ever really become onewell maybe in a happier novel, butNot every book needs a happy tied ending.
3 stars.
moments of heartache and a fewpassages that were beautifully written comprised about 20% of the book.
the rest was not bad but full of two dimensional characters doing and saying very expected things.
it was like a made for TV movie from the 1980s that had the occasional glimmer of the unusual that did not last long enough to have a major impact of the experience of the whole.