Download Epub Format Ü The Heathrow Affair PDF by Ü Lance Morcan Young Heathrow Airport Employee John Woods Seems To Have It All A Career He Loves And The Girl Of His Dreams But All Is Not What It Seems In This Aviation Love Triangle John S Life Is Turned Upside Down When His Beloved Sandra Announces She S Leaving Him For A Dashing Pilot Employed By The Same International Airline John Works ForWhen John Is Blamed For A Mid Air Incident That Has Catastrophic Consequences For One Of The Airline S Aircraft, He And Sandra Are Reunited In A Way Neither Could Ever Have Imagined Don t force the issue let her tell me on her own time New Zealand novelist and screenwriter Lance Morcan is a former journalist and newspaper editor with well over twenty published books to his credit He regularly writes in collaboration with his son James Morcan, an actor, writer, podcast host and producer who resides in Sydney, Australia Together they have published many books as a team thrillers, action adventure, historical fiction, and non fiction and now, a fine romance, with some thrills included The Morcans make their novel very contemporary in feeling and content as the opening suggests The evening of July 25th was an evening young East Ender John Woods would never forget It was the end of London s hottest day ever when the temperature hit an all time high of 37.
9 Celsius, and Britain, like the rest of Europe, sweltered in a heatwave like no other on record It was also the evening John s beautiful Cambridge born wife and childhood sweetheart Sandra announced she was pregnant That wasn t the only surprise in store for him, however And with that degree of immediacy of conditions and seeds for intrigue, the novel sets flight on an immensely entertaining romance adventure The authors have provided a terse and succinct synopsis London aircraft engineering apprentice John Woods has the job of his dreams, is married to his childhood sweetheart and thinks life is pretty good Everything changes when his wife Sandra announces she s leaving him for another man Worse, she also advises him she s pregnant and the child may not be his It turns out the other man is First Officer Richard King, a dashing pilot employed by the same international airline John works for at Heathrow Airport When John is blamed for a mid air incident that has catastrophic consequences for one of the airline s aircraft and for its co pilot in particular, he and Sandra are reunited in a way neither could ever have imagined But all is not what it seems in this aviation love triangle The novel is short, an exciting two hour read, and provides a fine diversion for an evening away form the clutter of the world Lance and James prove they can write romantic novels very well indeed Recommended.

The Heathrow Affair by Lance MorcanJohn an aircraft engineer is married to Sandra She tells him she is leaving him for another man, also she is pregnant, and not sure who the Father is The other man is Richard, a Pilot who works with John Things get worse for John when an accident occurs, and he becomes the number one suspect.
The story is original, moves at a fast pace with romance, psychologically charged and intense moments John and Sandra s situation is believable What happens next is heart pounding With twists, turns, thrills and suspense, I was hooked from the first page up until the end I highly recommend The Heathrow Affair to all.
Brilliant, I loved it This was one of those stories that I was only planning on reading a few pages to have a bit of a break, and two hours later I d completed it It really intrigued me, and I just had to find out what was going to happen The thing I like the most is the story took a turn that I wasn t expecting, and it certainly hit me between the eyes John Woods life was pretty good He had a job that he enjoyed and a smoking hot wife that he loved Even though John didn t think he was good enough for his wife Sandra, and often thought he was out of her league he made sure he did everything he could to keep her happy It also helped that they worked for the same company, and even though Sandra was in the office and John was out in the hangers with the aircraft, they were never too far from apart Unfortunately, John had no idea that Sandra wasn t as content as he was in their relationship, and he might be in for a shock Lance and James Morcan have entertained me with so many of their incredible stories, and this one was no exception, I really enjoyed it Easily worth the 5 5 Star Rating.
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