[ Read Online The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf ↠´ zen PDF ] by Nick Bryan ↠´ Bryan writes with great wit about the seedier side of London, and I laughed out loud than once New girl Choi manages to trap her boss into a bizarre challenge on the first day of work To have a male detective and a younger female sidekick may not strike people as enormously original However, this, the first book in the series, was written before Robert Galbraith hit the bookshops Well worth the time.
Main story The books started interesting and got me curious about the unusual main character combination Hobbs a 30 something male detective and Choi a 16 year old female intern told from the perspective of the girl In the beginning I liked the combination of those two so very different cultures but the story was taken over by Hobbs, which didn t really make sense to me since it was told from one point of view.
Another factor I really liked in this mystery was the inclusion of social media into the plot and their impact on our lives tough I was hoping it will have a greater impact on the plot.
I struggled from the very beginning with the British English and realised most of the English books I read so far were written by American authors and so I m used much to this language Another big issue for me was the extent of cussing in this book From the description it appeared to me it s a YA mystery series and so the constant swearing mostly by Hobbs isn t acceptable to me The plot was so confusing and contained too many irrelevant or unfinished parts I started to think about abandoning the book Since it was rather short the actual story is about 170 pages I struggled through it.
Bonus short story The Left Hand Is Always Right dnf at about 50% of 30 pages I m not sure if I m just to old and not open enough to this kind of books of if objectively it wasn t the very best one but don t plan to read anything by this author it s not my cup of tea.
Private Investigator, John Hobson, wonders what he has let himself in for when his work experience intern, Angelina Choi, tweets he ll solve a case for free if he gets over 400 followers using the hashtag HobsonvsWolf.
Choi s idea seemed a good idea at the time she created Hobson s Twitter account, but he soon points out the consequences of her social media exploits Hobson agrees to investigate, partially to annoy his ex wife who works in the local police force and because the case intrigues him.
This book is a murder mystery with a sense of humour I really like Hobson s character and sarcastic wit He gradually involves Choi in the investigation and although quite naive about some aspects of the case, she becomes determined to be useful They both annoy each other but seem to work well together.
This book is genuinely funny Hobson had my sympathies many times through the story because of the situations social twitter internet media got him into A brilliant black comedy that s a first in a series I ll be reading Hobson s next case.
This is a book I shouldn t have liked I bought it due to the great cover designed by DesignforWriters who also created the covers for my books and because the premise sounded interesting However, after the first few pages I realised it was, while not exactly a cozy mystery, something along those lines, and I usually don t get along with this type of story.
But something strange happened I read the book in two days, really enjoyed it and I m not sure why The tone of the writing is YA but the subject matter and the swearing is a lot adult, there were times when Choi came out with things that didn t ring true for a girl of her age, and the suspects had a distinct lack of empathy for the victims that bordered on the pathological, yet it was engagingly written, funny in places and I enjoyed the world Nick Bryan created.
If you re looking for an easy murder mystery with a modern twist and a unique pairing, I recommend this book.
This comedy crime caper with its absurd premise started well, but lost a lot of my affection over the course of the case as I stopped being able to suspend my disbelief in any of the characters and started to feel it played for laughs in the wrong ways That said, I liked Angelina Choi enough to be mildly curious about how the series develop.
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I downloaded this when it was free on Kindle, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it This was a fast paced, short mystery I have been on a mystery suspense kick, and this book fit that bill It also has Hobson and Choi, two unlikely people working the case together Hobson is a detective who owns his own agency, and Choi is a 16 year old trying to get some on the job experience While Hobson is a huge, intimidating middle aged man, Asian teenage Choi is petite and looks like she s much younger than she is The team is unlikely but it works The characters also have some nice banter between them, which often made me laugh and added something nice to the book.
There are in this series, and I think it d be worth reading them This was a quick, easy read that kept me turning pages and made me laugh out loud a few times Definitely recommend Rep Korean mcdnf 22% This took me a while to get into I had to read the start a few times to get it straight in my head I blame nightshifts but I ended up really loving this The dynamic between Hobson and Choi is great and the mystery is good too My only complaint was that it was over too soon so the short story in the back was a total bonus This is fairly gritty, but with enough of a sense of humour that I didn t find it too much for me I m definitely going to be looking out for in the series.
5 starsWell I really enjoyed that The humour, sweariness, everything was exactly how I like it A mystery with a massive bloke, a tiny teenage girl and blood Does everyone really have a Twitter account I enjoyed the bonus story too and the return of Micro Sure I know some guys like him.
The reason it isn t 5 stars is simply because it wasn t longer, I wanted of Hobson and Choi and I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for the next book.
If We Get Followers, John Hobson Will Solve That Nasty Wolf Murder Case For Free Fight The Thing Himself If He Has To HobsonVsWolf Angelina Choi Was Only Trying To Drum Up Some Twitter Followers And Make A Good Impression On Her First Day Interning At John Hobson S One Man Detective AgencyBut The Campaign Went Viral And Now They Have A Murder To Solve, No Money Coming In, And An Unwilling Hobson Faced With Battling Some Enormous BeastWith Both Follower And Body Counts Rising, Can They Crack The Case Without Offending Everyone Or Being Eaten By A Huge Dog The Girl Who Tweeted Wolf Is The First Case Starring Hobson Choi, A Bickering, Mismatched Detective Duo For St Century London This Book Collects The Debut Storyline Of The Hit Darkly Comic Crime Web Serial, Extensively Rewritten And Improved For This Definitive EditionAlso Included Book Exclusive Bonus Story The Left Hand Is Always Right, Grim Tale From A Dark Corner Of Hobson Choi S London The Left Hand, Budget Pub Of Crime