[Paul Elard Cooley] ô Tattoo [russian-literature PDF] Ebook Epub Download Þ Follow a journalist as he investigates a series of murders that share a common and bizarre thread The characters are well developed and the story moves along at a pace that keeps your interest peaked and eager to keep going to the conclusion An interesting twist in the ending leaves you wantingand you will definitely be looking forby this author.
Though a quick read, it was an interesting story I would have liked to hearabout it all, like a richer story but what was here was awesome and for 89 cents on , it was money well spent I ll be looking forthat comes from Paul Cooley, I like his style.
Cooley goes to the dark places in the mind and fills in some of the blanks But only some of the blanks He leaves just enough room for your own imagination to make everything as scary as possible Personally, I find the subtlety of the unwritten to be muchdisturbing than that which is graphically described Thorough research on the subject of tattooing made this believable Frighteningly and painfully so I enjoyed the element of suspense and was left wantingWell done.

After reading this I had an uneasy feeling I got caught up in this story to the extent that I was both disappointed and glad when it was over If a dark tale that s well told appeals to you, then this title is for you.
Interesting concept and story It was good Unique, yet cool ending I liked it.
Very interesting story I didn t find it scary, but I only have 1 Tattoo Other people withit may make them jump Totally worth reading or listening to.
A sick tale of one man s introduction into the world of expressionistic body art Scars They Remind Us Who We Are, What We Are And Where We Have BeenBut When A Scar Takes Away Your Identity, What Would You Do To Get It Back Jackson, A Journalist In Houston, Discovers Links Between Several Murders That Have Taken Place In His City His Investigation Draws Him Into The World Of Body Art Where He Discovers An Obsession Worth Killing ForWritten And Performed By Paul Elard Cooley With The Voice Talents Of Andrew Richardson The fiend in Tattoo is hideously creepy, but in a good way.
Brief a little predictable but a good set up for protagonists and world building