Trailer µ Shadowmagic PDF by ä John Lenahan I got this book just because it was free onfor my new kindle I do enjoy a fantasy story but some times it can be hard get into and it can be rather bad Not in this case The story developing fast and rather captivating Page turner I would say I would recommend it to everyone it s fun and good read Beautifully written too The story was easy to get into, and captivating enough to hold my attention I look forward to the next installment Connor is an 18 year old boy who lives with his one handed handicapped father Suddenly his doors bust down and his life is in danger He finds himself magically in another world, and everything in his life is not what it seems Everyone wants him dead, and he has no clue why.
Loved the story.
The only thing I didn t like was the ending But I hear that this is the first installment andare to come So, good I d like to see how Connor is doing.
I purchased this book because I stumbled across the free pod cast read by John Lenahan.
I had already listen to half of the book on this pod cast and loved it and thought it would be good to read along It s a great middle grade fantasy that can be read, both by adults and children alike Though the free pod cast can be used by both, it can be a great help and make it easier for some to read along.
I look forward to reading the second book in the series and using the free pod cast for that book too So I give this book a good 4 stars as it s a great book, but would have given the 5 stars if I was still 12.

A podcast that I listened to, it took 2 months oh me and audio But it worked fine I could just jump in even if I had not listened to it in a week So that made it good.
It s about Connor who after someone trying to kill him, finds out that his dad is a prince from Tir na Nog A land of magic All those legends are true And suddenly he is there too, people are trying to kill him, he is lost and what on earth is going on I think the issue I have with pods is that after every chapter I heard the same thing, omg, dull, took so much extra time But I wanted to know how it turned out soSecond issue was that Connor had like a dream in every chapter, omg, enough.
But the rest was fun He met friends He had adventures Good conquered evil and I will def listen to book 2.
This fantasy tale was great fun and I look forward to the next two books in the series I listened to the Podiobooks version, which is very well done.
I chose this book for my grade 6 7 creative writing class to read My students and I found the book very adventurous, and fast paced with some interesting plot twists Basic story of a boy in our world who discovers he has a destiny in a magical Other World The novel doesn t bring anything new to the fantasy genre, and it does rely on a lot of cliches, but if you are looking for an enjoyable, fun read which we were this one is quite good.
Written in the teen lingo that like makes you want to tear your ears off.
Shadowmagic Is A Rip Roaring Fun Fantasy Adventure Novel By John Lenahan Very Loosely Based On Irish Mythology Where Every Chapter Ends On The Edge Of A Cliff Or At Least A High Curb Join Conor As He Grapples With Typical Teenage Problems Like, How To Deal With A Father S High Expectations, How To Survive In The World On Your Own And How To Woo A Beautiful Girl That Wants You Dead Shadowmagic A Podcast Novel For Young Adults FromTo A fun middle grade read The author also did a great job at bringing the audio book to life I liked the book I m not much for humour in my fantasy I like it just not too much Overall though I did love the setting and the magic system, I loved the lore that was introduced and the way it all came together It was a short book but well worth the read I d love to have exploredand luckily I ll get the chance with this being a trilogy and all that good stuff.