[ Pdf Revelations (Bloodlines, #3) ð womens PDF ] by Lindsay Anne Kendal ✓ Well I read this book in a dayIt was amazing , just as I expected You truly are an inspiration Lindsay Anne Kendal I m waiting now for ur next books.
Get a live on girl hahaRevelations had twists and turns and had me on the edge of my seat I read so much my eyes were stinging but I couldn t put it down I had to finish it to find out what happens I love all the characters and found it a really pleasant read xx FantasticThis is the ultimate in the series Cannot express how bloody fabulous it is, couldn t put it down, Lindsay you are one hell of a writer Xxx In This Final Instalment Of The Bloodlines Trilogy, Keira And Her Friends Face Their Toughest Battles Yet Not Only With The Ones They Believe Have Set Out To Destroy Them, But Also With Themselves And Each OtherA Shock Revelation Throws The Group Into Confusion, Torn Between What Each Of Them Think Is Right And Wrong Keira Now Has To Make A Hard Choice Does She Stay With The People She Loves, And Fight With Them Or Does She Leave Them, Join Forces With The Person They originally Thought Was Heartless, Cold And Brutal, But In Fact, Is Doing Something She Actually Agrees With Something That Could Benefit And Comfort Almost Every Person Who Has Ever LivedRevelations Will Take You To A Place You Never Could Have Imagined Existed Heart Wrenching Passion, Death Defying Friendship, Treachery And Pain, Mixed With Extreme Battles, Powerful Magic And Self Belief, Make For An Unbelievable Climax That Will Stay With You Until The End Of Time When does this book come out Revelations By Lindsay Anne Kendal4.
5 StarsKeira finds herself in an awkward position where she has to do something that goes against everything her and her friends have always believed in Realising that she not only understands Ballantine s ideas but also agrees with what he is trying to do leaves her with no choice but to join with him This causes upset and anger amongst her friends and Keira feels torn between them.
Lindsay s writing has noticeably improved between book two Torment and this book and it made for a whole better read The emotion, tension and inner feelings of the characters came across to the reader much better than it did in the previous dialogue driven instalments of this series, and the descriptions made the scenes easy to visualise I understand that both books, one and two, have undergone extensive rewrites and am interested to see the difference in them now.
This was an exciting conclusion to the series and had an ending that I didn t expect Copy supplied for review Revelations by Lindsay Anne Kendal was a November read for The Book Cove book club I received this ebook from the author Revelations is the finale to Kendal s debut series, Bloodlines I enjoyed this entire trilogy It s hard to decide if the first or last was my favorite I love falling into new worlds and discovering characters that I would genuinely like to meet But the improvement in Kendal s writing and the crazy pace twists in Revelations may push it to the 1 spot Our book club has been extremely lucky to have formed a relationship with the author and I can t wait to reviewof Kendal s work SPOILERS I was fooled into thinking that Keira was going along with Ballantine Kept thinking of ways that she would straddle the line and make sure she didn t lose those that she loved So torn, loving the idea of repenting and spending eternity with those we love But killing everyone so that no one lost anything goes against the natural balance Knowing that there is an end gives us a push to savor the moment and make the most of the time we do have It was such a relief when Kiera saved Eligos and we finally knew her plan I m a sucker for a wedding in the epilogue and we got a pregnancy on top of that Do you believe magic exists That there is a world parallel to ours with which the supernatural subsists What if one day you discover you had a gift but you have no idea whether it s good or evil and that you do not have a choice but to accept the fact that is.
I enjoyed reading the series as any UF reader would It was an interesting perspective of Hell, Lucifer and Lilith, demons in general, witches, even Angels But I must warn you, an open mind is always necessary when reading urban fantasy.

You can always tell when a writer pours their heart and soul into a book Great ending to an amazing and fresh storyline There were twists and turns I never saw coming Such a climatic ending, I was gripping the book so tight in parts that my hands began to ache My girlfriend is reading this now and has just been in tears Definitely an emotional roller coaster ride with the greatest scenes I ve read in a long time.
I m looking forward to your next project Don t keep us waiting to long Ms Kendal.
Wow there were twist an turns I didn t see coming I found myself ranting and raving totally in shock an then BAM another curve ball I devoured the first two books an loved them when starting this third book I realized I should of gone back to reread then So much time lapsed between them I was a bit confused Over all I LOVED how dynamic and complex an conflicted that Kierra came across an the story got wrapped up with out lose ends Though if Lindsay ever decided to add a fourth book I would most definitely read it I would love to know how people can rate this book before it is even released Strange how some people are psychic and some aren t.