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C Martin s Oracle excites with a thrilling mystery revolving around Greek mythology and set against the backdrop of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
Detective Inspector Kurt Lancer didn t need another thing to go wrong with his life His wife was murdered months ago, leaving Kurt in charge of raising his eight year old daughter Juggling parental responsibilities and the police force may prove to be too much for Kurt when the newest serial killer threatens London Kurt must discover who the killer is before he loses everything he cares about.
Oracle is a high intensity thriller The characters come to life through their interactions and complex backstories weaved throughout the action As a reader, I particularly had a fondness for Meghan, Kurt Lancer s daughter, who was such a bright and daring eight year old I loved the dual points of view between Kurt and the killer The killer wasn t just a villain in this novel, but a person to be understood, feared, and even pitied Martin s writing drew me further into the story, especially with her fantastic descriptions and humor sarcasm in the right places The pacing and plot are well drawn out to increase the tension of the storyline Although I picked the killer right away, I was glued to the page to find out what would happen next Perhaps one of my favorite parts was how Martin weaved in Greek mythology, particularly that of Zeus, into the storyline As a Classics major, that was a highlight to see how the myths played within the killings.
It didn t take a prophecy for me to discover a love of Oracle by J.
C Martin I highly recommend this complex and thrilling novel.
The first thing I noticed was the author really knows how to throw down a scene Well written, constructed perfectly, and boy howdy does she know how to leave the reader hanging at the end of every chapter Being a fan of British television and movies, I enjoyed the tone of the book and the Britishisms that give the read oodles of personality and charm.
Kurt was great, the main detective in the novel His struggle with loss, being a single dad to a young girl with special needs, and the balance needed between family hardships and career made for a complicated and heart touching character I really pulled for him and his daughter, even for his wayward brother, to make it through okay in the end.
The villain in this was deliciously creepy, just how I like them He truly believed in what he was doing, making me feel sorry for him while loathing him at the same time Bravo.
I had a couple of small sticking points with Oracle The first is of a personal preference and no reflection on the writer or the work, and that s the changing POV It moves back and forth from first person to third person, and the latter took me into many heads Having said that, there was only once or twice I had to flip back pages to try and figure out whose head I was in, so although I d prefer not hop around that way, the shifts were were fairly well done with distinct enough voices to make it work.
The second is that small parts of the ending were predictable, a certain scene making it too obvious how the fight at the ending would go down between the good guy and the bad guy.
Other parts seemed to be unfinished, like the budding relationship between Blaise and Kurt With hints dropped throughout the book with a frequency that it seemed important to the author, I took notice and hoped it might lead to something good for Kurt and his family, but that story arc was never resolved I m not sure if this is intended to be a series, and if it is, then that makes sense It could just be the romantic in me projecting, too I m also left wondering if a certain injury will lead to a permanent disability.
Still, I really enjoyed the read Four cupcakes I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good crime thriller with a great author voice that ll mess with your head a bit.
YOU DON T NEED EYES TO SEE1 CHARACTERS 1 CUP OF COFFEE JC Martin puts you right into the driver s seat of the action with a very vibrant first scene, telling you exactly how things are going down The opening scene is vivid and risqu , but not over the top, which is a big plus for me.
I found the second chapter to be an excellent contrast to the in your face style of writing from Chapter One as our main character, Kurt Lancer cop and and single father , is spending some quality time with his daughter as they are reading through the night s bedtime stories.
Throughout the novel, I got a strong sense of Kurt s character as he struggles to balance his family life with his life as a detective Of course, as it is with all crime thrillers, this juggling act is just out of reach.
I really like the banters that Kurt has with his daughter Meghan, and the two of them have a relationship that is notably adorable, especially because fathers are typically displayed as scumbags.
One issue that I could not really grasp with Kurt was that he is described as having corn rolls, but I found that hard to believe in that he is a detective, and having been a detention officer at one point of my life, none of my coworkers wore corn rolls Regardless, that wasn t too much of a setback for me, but it was in the back of my mind.
JC Martin is very patient in the development of her characters, and she exposes deep issues about the team of detectives in natural and fluid ways, tying these issues back into the story very smoothly.
2 WRITING STYLE 1 CUP OF COFFEE JC Martin s writing style is very vivid, the kind of style that you would expect with a police mystery The lines are snappy, the inner dialogues are sarcastic, and the descriptions of the scenes are brilliant.
She is very keen about using images and analogies at just the right time to really get you, the reader, to come a little closer to the story Comically, I even found myself hearing some of the sounds she made, or smelling some of the scents that she referred to But, I guess I m just weird like that.
Each chapter seemed to be well placed, and development of the story seemed to progress in a very linear pattern, not straying too much from the main story line, even when important backstory needed to be inserted.
I will say that I was a bit bothered at one point in the story and I won t spoil it , but there is something that the killer says to passerby, and that something is not stated in the text I felt like that was cheating a bit, because all other parts of the conversation were made known to the reader But, I decided to look past this point and keep reading, and I m glad I did.
3 PLOT 0 CUPS OF COFFEE So this may seem like a harsh assessment here, but hear me out.
The plot itself is good It s, as I said before, what you would expect from a police mystery However, that worked to the book s disadvantage as well Many of the things that took place were too predictable, in my opinion, and coming from me, that s a big deal, because I usually suspend my intelligence whenever I read or watch movies I try not to figure out plots and the whodunits.
That said, if I do manage to figure these things out, then I feel like the presentation of such events could have been done better.
Keeping that in mind, I was not sure what the heck the killer was going to do next, and there were many times where I was impressed my his motives and schemes, but holistically, I will have to claim that the plot was simplistic.
4 BELIEVABILITY 1 CUP OF COFFEE This factor is one of the most important in my opinion Do characters act out of character Do situations arise that are unrealistic Does the author break her own rules As I read through ORACLE, I would have to say that there were no glaring plot holes that I saw The characters made wise decisions they were afraid when they needed to be afraid they were stoic when they needed to be and they resisted temptations whenever they needed to.
To me, this makes for a much enjoyable read, because I don t find myself thinking, But if he had just grabbed the gun, then none of this would have ever happened Kurt Lancer thinks of his daughter first in all situations, though he has a difficult time balancing work and home life.
Halloway and Blaize his partners also do things that you would expect to them to They act like real people, not pawns in a story created by the author to do the author s bidding.
5 GRAMMAR 1 CUP OF COFFEE As I read through this book, I noticed VERY FEW typos I probably could count them on one hand For this reason, Oracle reads very smoothly For the record, I wanted to give this one 4.
5 but half star ratings aren t available here though I think they should be Now I ll bet you ll all wondering what s so special about this that it s worthy of an almost 5 rating from me It s kind of hard to explain without filling my review with spoilers but I ll try.
First up, I m a big fan of crime thrillers But I ve spent so long, recently, researching PNR and UF novels, I can t even remember the last time I read one, so it was so refreshing to return to a genre I admire On my bookshelf, amongst my werewolf literature, you ll see my Val MacDermid s and Jeffrey Deaver s Oracle is than worthy of a spot right beside those great names The plot is so well thought out, and unfolds at just the right places, with all the reveals bringing a twitch to the eyebrow This is definitely an intelligent story with not a plot hole in sight Each time I paused reading, I wanted to pick it back up And as for the final 40% of the book, I couldn t have stopped reading even if the family begged me to The writing is smooth, the sentences flowing, and not once did I find myself confused or having to re read passages because I thought I d missed or misunderstood something not an easy feat when the writer hasn t spelled everything out like a paint by numbers narration And even though Ms Martin is quite a descriptive writer which can bog down the pace , not once did I find myself skimming because each and every detail somehow seemed imperative to the story and helped bring each and every scene into vivid clarity in my mind And whilst I did have my eye on the view spoiler cleaner from the minute he was vaguely and very briefly introduced, and that he still happened to be in my senile brain when the penny dropped meant it wasn t such a loud ring for me, I totally didn t see the how s, why s and wherefore s of the murderers ability to connect with Zeus which was possibly quite brilliant hide spoiler I thoroughly enjoyed this book Martin has master the art of pulling you in slowly and building up the case until you can t put the book down I think it also helped that the Olympics are on now and the book is centered around the London 2012 Olympics If you like mysteries, I recommend this book.
J C Martin s Oracle is a crime thriller I thoroughly enjoyed From the very start the story had me in its grips and didn t let go until the end The main character, Detective Inspector Kurt Lancer, came across as a wonderfully complex, interesting person not just another character I found I really cared what happened to him and his daughter Even the killer had intriguing layers that had me enthralled as I learned about his background that led to his twisted mind and terrible acts.
I also loved the author s descriptive prose which brought the setting and action alive without slowing the pace All the senses were used so I felt transported not only to London, but into each of the character s minds Add to that the fabulous mythological themes woven through the story, tying it all together.
While there were no surprises, I finished reading with a feeling of satisfaction and would recommend this book to anyone who loves crime thrillers, mythology, and or great writing Big thumbs up As The Countdown Begins, The Body Count RisesWith London Gearing Up To Host The Olympics, The City Doesn T Need A Serial Killer Stalking The Streets They Ve Got One AnywayLeaving A Trail Of Brutal And Bizarre Murders, The Police Are No Closer To Finding Their Latest Murderer Than Detective Inspector Kurt Lancer Is In Finding A Solution For His Daughter S DisabilityThrust Into The Pressure Cooker Of A High Profile Case, The Struggling Single Parent Is Wound Tight As He Tries To Balance Care Of His Own Family With The Safety Of A Growing Population Of Potential Next VictimsOne Of Whom Could Be His Own DaughterFingers Point In Every Direction As The Public Relations Nightmare Grows, And Lancer S Only Answer Comes In The Form Of A Single Oak Leaf Left At Each Crime Scene An amazing psychological read full of twists and turns I loved the mythical base of the story intertwined with the suspense and thriller aspect of trying to beat the clock before it is too late About a month or so ago, I was sent a copy of Oracle by the publisher, and was asked to do a review It sat in my inbox for a while I had too many books that I WANTED to read, and I really didn t want to trudge through a police case style mystery.
Honestly, reading the blurb, the story didn t really interest me, but after being disappointed by a few novels that I actually paid for, I decided to give this one a try.
Overall, the characters in this story are very believable We have a detective who is a single dad facing his own personal problems who is put on a murder case that develops into a serial killer case JC Martin did a great job of portraying a man devoted to his family, but dedicated to finding a killer The sideline characters are also well played out None are stale and forgettable Even the rough and tough boss gets to show her soft side, giving us a giggle Well Done.
Points of view Minor Spoiler The novel starts in the POV of a magician It was fine, until the end of the first chapter Let s just say he s no longer in the story any Okay he s dead I said it Yes, he is victim 1 From here, we are thrown into chapter 2 This chapter is first person I from the POV of the detective To me, it was very jarring Moving ahead, we will be inside the head of the detective, the killer, and also in the POV of each victim right before they get killed After a while I got used to it, but it did bother me in the beginning Pacing For the most part, the pacing was great, but I did get a little impatient in the middle Somewhere right before the climax, I was thinking Wait, there s gonna be another murder Get on with it Now, I am perfectly willing to admit that I read a few novellas before this, and may have become accustomed to a faster read but I did get a little impatient in the middle of the story This could just be me, though, so I m not faulting the author s style on this.
Believe it or not, I Actually liked this novel Not loved, but liked it On a great note, I thought I picked out the killer early on in the story I tend to do this a lot And I thought I was right until the last few pages If I was right, I would have been mad and hated the novel I really enjoyed that JC Martin gave enough plausible suspects to keep us guessing Well Done.
POV Switching while I didn t like it at first, I did get used to the different POVs once I realized what she was doing If I was suddenly thrust into a random person s head I thought Okay, this one s a gonner, and I moved on It worked.
Writing style JC Martin s style is sleek and very readable She pulls you in to the story, and keeps you reading Normally, I am a chapter a night kind of reader Frequently, I d read for longer Especially during the climax I didn t want to put the book down I kept jumping and biting my nails Nicely done.
This is not a book that I would typically read so I was a little skeptical on weather I was going to actually get through this book Well I m GLAD I stuck with because this book was better than I expected J.
C Martin takes you on a creepy thrill ride that will leave you saying What the Hell at the end The setting of this story is in London, where the main character Kurt Lanser, who is a detective He is a single father taking care of his daughter Meghan, and his younger brother Reggie Lancer seems to be coping well with his wife s murder by drowning himself with work instead of spending time with the family he has left, well all that will change when Lancer gets put on a creepy murder case that could put his loved ones in danger A serial killer is on the loose and Lanser must track this killer down before his next victim This killer is known as the oaksecutioner because he leaves oak tree leaves at the scene of the crime Kurt has got his work cut out for him because this murderer is a pro and is leaving clues that are related to Greek myth I don t to much care for different POVs of characters which can be quite confusing which it kind of was in this book, I had to kind of read on to know which POV it was but I m picky so it might not be a big of a deal for others Anyways, The killing start to hit home literally when his daughter is being attacked by the murderer for a reason you will have to find out.
This book played out well but I also found it predictable, I knew what was going to happen next which was the downfall of the book but it was still fun reading to prove myself right Another thing I didn t like was that the author was a little stereo typical at times, insinuating that because the main character was black that he had a in dramatic terms gigantic nose and the gang in the book was called the Ghetto Souljahz lol really That is all you could think of Other than that it was a good read but it could of been better in the what s going to happen next department.
I enjoyed it overall like I said and will read of J.
C s books if there is any.