[P.G. Holyfield] ¶ Murder at Avedon Hill [mineralogy PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ This book is a treat The characters are varied and the mysteries intense The world is vibrant even though we never see any of it because the book is set in one insular town, coming alive through the stories of Arames Kragen The audio cast is stellar and I can listen to P.
G Holyfield s voice for hours.
This book combines elements of the best that the murder mystery and fantasy genre have to offer PG Holyfield is a master story teller who keeps the story, not to mention the suspense going right up to the end The twists and turns in this book kept me guessing all the way through The characters are are full and rich, providingthan a backdrop for the drama going on, but also bringing the story alive making you are really there in the story with them The story keeps a good solid pg rating only delving in pg 13 territory near the end, and so a good book for younger readers as well as adults looking for a great book I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys either a good mystery, a good fantasy or both.
Lord Avedon Has A Problem Generations Of Avedons Have Watched Over Avedon Hill And Controlled The Only Pass Through The Lantis Mountains Traditions Are Important To The Avedon Family, But One Tradition Has Tragically Come To An End Gretta Platt, Housemistress Of Avedon Manor, Has Been Murdered A Member Of The Platt Family Has Always Served The Avedons As Housemistress Until Now Only A Handful Of People Live At Avedon Hill, And Most Are Suspects Arames Kragen, Retired Aarronic Advisor And Scholar Of Prophecy, Arrives At The Gates Of Avedon Hill, Hoping To Gain Access To The Mountain Pass Lord Avedon Is Not In A Giving Mood, HoweverThis Is The Story Of Arames Kragen And His Attempt Not Only To Discover Who Killed Gretta Platt, But Also To Uncover The Truth About A Town That Apparently Has Secrets Than InhabitantsThe Land Of Caern It Is A World Where The Gods, The Children Of Az, Can Choose To Be Born As Mortals To Directly Affect Events In The World, And Often Do It Is A World Where The Priests Of Caern Frantically Search For The Mortal Incarnations Of Any Of The Children, In Order Prevent The Prophecies Of Iberian From Coming To PassWelcome To The Land Of Caern Welcome To Murder at Avedon Hill, The Podcast Novel By PG Holyfield A masterful blend of fantasy and mystery, the story centers around the strange murder of Gretta Platt, Housemistress of Avedon Manor When Arames and his young student, Arrin, find pass at Avedon Hill barred, they agree to help Lord Avedon investigate the mystery of Gretta s death in return for gaining access to the pass In the process, the two outsiders stumble upon a growing list of mysteries surrounding the town of Avedon Hill including vampires, moon beasts, and magic This is a must listen for the fantasy and or mystery story enthusiast It s intriguing as any Sherlock Holmes story with plenty of action and blended masterfully in a well developed fantasy setting P.
G has done a wonderful job crafting this story, weaving the two genres together flawlessly As those that have purchased the print version of the book will discover, P.
G Holyfield s writing keeps you eager forall the way up to the spectacular conclusion The brilliant ending neatly ties Avedon Hill s secrets together, leaving the reader with warm contentment and yearning for a sequal This full bodied production includes music and features excellent guest voices for some of the characters.
This was a great story with a depth of background that is just astounding A mystery that keeps you on your toes and plenty of magic and magical creatures The production values of the Podcast novel are exceptionally high, including a wonderful voice cast and fantastic music by Shira Kammen from You can listen to the story including chit chat about the on going production which is now finished directly from P.
G Holyfield s website or just the story itself at highly recommend this entertaining book.
I loved this book, it was one of the titles I had been meaning to read for a long time, I kept looking at it knowing I wanted to read it but other things got in the way When I FINALLY sat down and read it I couldn t put it down I had to know just what happened to Gretta Plat It was engaging with side stories and tales and leads you to want to readin the wold that Mr Hollyfield has created It is a perfect present for anyone interested in fantasy and just the right kind of book to make you demand .
I ve listened to the podcast and absolutely loved the richness of the world P.
G created The religious and magical systems he created had tremendous depth and really added to my visit to the land of Caern I cannot wait until P.
G takes us there again I d love to knowabout Arames Kragen The hints at his past are delicious and must be explored further During my period of impatience while waiting for another book in this world, I m reading the published version.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story I ve always had a thing for mystery stories as a child This story is part mystery and fantasy I thoroughly enjoyed it The author did a wonderful job with the characters After listening to a fair share of podcast stories, this is one of the best I ve listened to I enjoyed the voices and sounds of the podcast as well.

There are a number of things to recommend this project Holyfield obviously put a lot of effort into the production The characters are generally well formed, and the plot is well constructed, along with the world he s built The concept of a murder mystery in a fantasy setting is interesting, and not one you see often And he keeps the reader guessing though, admittedly, I m pretty easy to fool with a mystery.
I found it hard to finish, though The writing itself is clunky, wordy, and overly descriptive EX He used his legs to rise from his chair The prince moved back and up into a crouch , it frequently stumbles over word repetition throwing off the cadence and flow of the text EX Light emanated from a room at the end of the hallway There were multiple entrances to rooms between them and the lighted room Doppin pulled up his legs to sit cross legged , and the author does POV shifts mid scene without warning I noted a few examples, but all of these issues are pervasive throughout the work.
The author did close the book well, in dramatic fashion But still, the issues with the writing throughout made it difficult to get there.
Wow Murder mystery in a fantasy world with moon beasts, vampires, and magics What a story I am now going in search of anything and all set in this world FULL REVIEW Arames and his student, Arrin Perti, come to the city of Avedon Hill, the city all had to go through to get to the mountain pass because there is no other way around, as they were heading to a conference Arames s cousin tells him he can t get him granted passage, there s been a murder and the city is closed Lord Avedon won t let anyone leave until the murder of the Housemistress of the Avedon Manor is solved Arames offers to solve the murder to open the pass on the opposite side The secrets Arames unveils on his investigation could prove to be very dangerous to him and Arrin Secrets worth killing forI listened to the audiobook version, and LOVED it All the voices to many different characters and the background to go with the happenings I would love to have read this book as well I know there are a few sections about the gods here that I would have re read a few times I know there is a lot of information that goes with the building here and my sticky notes would have been loved so And I could easily go back to my notes and see about figuring out the mystery too I did have times where visualizing in my minds eye was a bit hard with the gods information I think reading would have helped me in these small sections The beginning of each chapter kind of confused me at times too, these were short phrases about the worlds gods However, in Chapter 14 P.
G Holyfield explains these are religious text from in the world and will be read by another to lessen confusion This change helps greatly in listening to the book, in reading it probably won t affect you.
A murder mystery to solve in a fantasy world Who done it I like mystery shows movies but usually struggle with the reads I love my fantasy and usually not set in a fantasy world P.
G Holyfield blends all I love here Yes Thank you for writing my kind of mystery And in investigating the murder and along with wanting to know who did it, I became exceedingly curious of the secrets people were hiding I wanted to know it ALL And in the end, I domostly We start in the prologue with being in Gretta s head Then she is attacked and murdered We got a glimpse at the killer s thoughts as well There is a connection here, and I m curious as to what it is Then we are with Arames and Arrin, venturing the investigation through both their eyes The powers Arames and Arrin have are amazing, and they are strong fighters.
As the story goes I become increasingly invested in the secrets Arames and Arrin find along with my growing curiosity as to who and why kill Gretta What we learn along the way with the gods of this world, as mentioned in the description they do choose to be born into the world , draws me to the vast world here We have a vast fantasy world here There are elves, dwarves, vampires, moon beasts werewolves , and much magic in different specialties All of which attract my attention And then there are the gods and their stories.
We are graced with many stunning happenings in this world Murder mystery Secrets of those at Avedon Hill Action Supernatural Magic And fantasy I never knew for sure what Arames and Arrin would come across in they investigation, and I looked forward to it I m now on the search for anything and all set in this world.
G Holyfield has caught my attention with this world and his writing style along with an amazing mystery story But in the end, he cinched the deal making me curious of Arrin Perti and the Perti family as a whole There isto come, and I WILL be around to see what it is.