Download Epub Format Ì Jack Wakes Up (Jack Palms, #1) PDF by ✓ Seth Harwood What Does An Action Movie One Hit Wonder And Ex Drug Addict Do When He S Cleaned Up, Down On His Luck, And Running Out Of Money In The Three Years Since Jack Palms Went Clean No Drugs, No Drinking, No Life He S Added Fourteen Pounds Of Muscle, Readbooks, And Played It As Straight As Anyone Can Ask Him Now, When An Old Friend From LA Calls, He Hits The Streets Of San Francisco To Help A Group Of Czech Drug Buyers Make One Big Score, A Single Drug Deal That He Hopes Will Set Him Up For Life But, When People Start Turning Up Dead, And An Old Nemesis On The Police Force Calls, Jack Finds Himself With JustHours To Track Down San Francisco S Biggest Drug Supplier Or Face Charges That Will Put Him Behind Bars Only An Oscar Caliber Performance Will Get Him Through This Alive Jack Palms is an actor who, like many before and many after, achieved high fame and then lost all control of his own life, falling into drugs, alcohol, and general celebrity malaise An old friend calls him up and offers him a pretty decent job entertaining some out of town drug types, but things rapidly spin out of control Jack finds himself in the middle of a drug war, with bullets flying all around him.
This is one of those bulletproof anti hero stories, where the main character can t escape pain, but seems to dance around just out of reach of death again and again Along the way, there s the beautiful girl, the annoying cop, evil villains, unlikely heroes and general mayhem.
Jack Wakes Up is the first in a series of novels featuring Jack Palms This was a fun ride, and I quickly picked up the second in the series to see what else was in store.
A crime noir thriller that keeps me on the edge of my seat, Jack Wakes Up s engaging protagonist is both likable and despicable In mythic terms he represents the shapechanger, a mirror man who is what other people think he is And yet his tale wraps you up, demands your attention, forces you to take his side I care about Jack even though he really clearly hates himself And that s why I give this book five stars.
The crime aspects are hard, the characters bold, the whole feel of the story is very noir, so crime fans will be happy with the book And so will literature fans.

Jack Palms is a one hit wonder actor who s climbing his way back from drug addiction and a domestic abuse charge The financing for the sequel to his hit movie dried up with his arrest, his marriage is long gone, the money is just about gone and Jack is nearly broke, out of work and on the verge of losing his house in Sausalito, California Jack s working hard at living right and getting himself back on the right track, but we all know how far that goes when the bills are due, so when the phone rings with an offer from an old friend to make some quick cash, Jack agrees.
Jack metaphorically woke up and I fell asleep Jack Wakes Up came with a lot of positive press, but the story didn t do anything for me I found the Jack Palms character unlikable and unbelievable The supporting characters came across as one dimensional caricatures that bordered on stereotypes and were unintentionally comical The dialogue and narrative the meat and potatoes of stories like this were, at times, weak and uninteresting, and I found myself taken out of the story thinking about that which made it very difficult for me to maintain any interest in the story Finally, I found the present tense narrative distracting.
The plot of Jack Wakes Up isn t new stuff but that s alright because the how and the why are really less important than the who and the what in this type of crime story But there are writers, specifically Charlie Huston and Victor Gischler, who do this sort of wrong man story, this average schmoe suddenly finding himself having to not just survive, but thrive, in a hardboiled, gritty, violent world, a lot better than Seth Harwood did it here with Jack Palms.
Despite this being a negative review, I didn t hate Jack Wakes Up, I just thought it could have beenAnd better Yeah, I know, purely subjective I really wanted to like this book and because of that I ll read Seth Harwood s second book, Young Junius.
I first was exposed to Jack Palms in podiobook form with Seth reading them and I still couldn t wait to pre order my signed copy when I had the chance I then won a contest and ordered twowith my winnings.
JWU is a great, action packed read with a flawed hero that you can t help but pull for throughout the whole series And even though I ve already listened to them all, I will probably listen to them again and buy them when they are released Yes They are that good Seth does such a great job of reading them I couldn t help but hear his voices, complete with accents, as I re read Jack Wakes UpNow go order several copies or Freeman will come to your door to take your order, and you really don t want that as he s a very large man.