[ Read Online Forever ✓ anthologies PDF ] by Maggie Stiefvater Ø ThenWhen Sam Met Grace, He Was A Wolf And She Was A Girl Eventually He Found A Way To Become A Boy, And Their Love Moved From Curious Distance To The Intense Closeness Of Shared LiveswThat Should Have Been The End Of Their Story But Grace Was Not Meant To Stay Human Now She Is The Wolf And The Wolves Of Mercy Falls Are About To Be Killed In One Final, Spectacular HuntreverSam Would Do Anything For Grace But Can One Boy And One Love Really Change A Hostile, Predatory World The Past, The Present, And The Future Are About To Collide In One Pure Moment A Moment Of Death Or Life, Farewell Or Forever I just don t know I feel like I m betraying myself by not loving this bookTo say I was disappointed in this book, the conclusion to one of my favorite series okay, really just book, as I had a really hard time with Linger , is almost giving it too much credit Disappointment carries with it some emotion, and the problem I had with Forever much like I did with Maggie s latest, The Scorpio Races was that I just didn t feel much of anything from it.
Sam Roth has been my number one book crush for almost two years now, and after Linger crushed my heart into a million pieces on his behalf, I swore up and down I wouldn t read Forever until someone who loved him as much as I did gave me the all clear I just needed to know if this book was going to rip out my soul and crush it into dust It didn t.
But it also didn t make me feel much of anything else, either Maybe my wariness to read translated into a distance from the characters, but even Sam Roth felt like a pale shadow of the boy I d fallen in love with in Shiver There was just no substance behind him Everything he did and felt and said was muted Even his interaction with Grace was understated to the point of complacency I didn t need any burning passion between them that s not their style or the reason I fell in love with them in the first place but I wanted to feel some strong emotions I wanted to feel their need for one another Somethingthan just Cole telling me their love wasreal than anything in the world Show me that it is Don t just tell me through someone else s perspective.
And speaking of perspectives the alternating points of view What purpose did they serve Cole is an interesting character and played an important role in the plot, but he would have been just as interesting and important through either Grace or Sam s POV Same goes for Isabel I like their characters, but their narrations were at best distracting, at worst completely unnecessary The constant shift in point of view added a lot to my feelings of distance from the story It felt as though every time I finally started to settle into a character, get my bearings, the tone shifted again And after three hundred pages of talk, the action was short lived and didn t even bring full resolution very few questions posed through two and a half books were answered view spoiler What was the point in spending three hundred pages to figure out how to make Beck shift, if we weren t even going to get any answers to WHY he chose Sam, why he brought him into an existence he never wanted Why have Sam so wrapped up in the angst of it, questioning the only father he s ever known, if in the end he was just going to shrug and say it didn t matter SO FRUSTRATING hide spoiler This is probably the hardest review I ve ever had to write.
Shiver tears my heart in two every single time I read it I felt Linger had its problems, mostly in the diluted narrative with the addition of twoPOVs, but it was still extremely moving and I wanted to see what happened next How strange it is, then, to read Forever and experience nothing even close to the emotions the first two books inspired The Wolves of Mercy Falls series is love story told almost like a fairy tale Aside from the bittersweet urgency of the romance, one of the most poignant elements in the books to me has been the wolves desperate struggle to hang onto their human selves The knowledge that they will lose every shard of awareness of who they are moves me unbearably, and Sam and Grace together are unlike any other couple I ve ever read.
I am far less interested in Isabel and Cole I like them just fine, even though they are both just typical YA characters that can be found in 100 other novels If they had an entirely different book to themselves I probably would like them better but they don t They re stuck right in the middle of Sam and Grace s story, and the intrusiveness of losing momentum in every other chapter as the story switched to their first person POVs became an increasingly frustrating experience This is the end There are nobooks I don t give a shit about Isabel s ongoing daddy issues or Cole s woe is me rock star problems view spoiler and it s beyond weird that he s the one with all the scientific solutions hide spoiler

I bought Forever today It s flowing a lot like Linger did for me I m bored, anxious, and not really drawn to this world in this book like I was in Shiver I m pretty much just reading so I can find out what ultimately happens in the end Maggie is such a fabulous writer, but her talent is wasted on writing boring chapters for shallow characters like Cole and Isabel to whom I don t feel connected at all I am now finished with Forever.
I am so utterly disappointed that I m not sure I can organize my thoughts too well right now I guess I loved Shiver so much that I expected something of similar quality out of the other two products, especially this final one I will start by saying, I just don t believe in Grace Sam s love I just don t.
I feel like they are just young, damaged teenagers trying to fill a void left by the people who hurt them but aren t most people With this being a fictional relationship I understand there is nothing real about it in the first place, yet I feel Maggie missed the mark if she was trying to depict genuine, consummate love I could list about 40 supporting details for that claim but I don t think I need to Moving on The really interesting scientific stuff got lost in all of the boring drama stuff I do not care about any relationship with Cole or Isabel I would rather learnabout why the hell the wolf toxin looks like MALARIA I wanted answers to this wolf shifting mystery what I thought the series was originally about , and I thought for sure I would get them in this last installment I wanted to know what really makes the wolves humans shift, where this came from, how it works, etc I also wanted to learnabout Beck, but did I get to No And don t get me started on Grace and her parents Grace is a brat who thinks she s 25 and entitled to anything she wants Her parents are idiots, but they re still HER PARENTS I would be enraged if my parents didn t want me to see my boyfriend too, but can you honestly BLAME them They know nothing about this kid and they find out he s sleeping with their daughter Grace says it s their fault they know nothing about her life, and she should be able to see Sam.
Then disappears and comes back home and demands all of these priviledges Maybe they would have known about Sam had she bothered to tell them in the first place.
I can t stand Grace and I hate reading about her because she has no personality All her and Sam do is grope each other and have sex There is nothing intimate about the whole thing to me Just because Sam is some sensitive indie guitar playing poetry writing wimp and Grace is some perfectly beautiful summer girl, it doesn t make their love real to the reader Not this one, anyway I could go on and on, but I won t.
Let me say this.
Just because I didn t like this book doesn t mean I m telling everyone not to read it Everyone has different tastes and different opinions And if your opinion is to come on MY review and tell me how awesome this book is and that I got it wrong No I m pretty sure I read this book correctly.
twice in fact So keep to yourself, or write your own 5 star review so I can go on it and write omg You are wrong this book it terrible You have to hate it to bc I do Giving it two stars but I will probably drop it down to one theI think about this book and it s horrible ending Did she forget to finish the book Is there a chapter that they accidentally didn t put in the end I felt like shiver and linger are two totally separate books from this one The first two were so good what the hell was this I want my money backand theI think about this bull crap about the reader having to decide what happens in the end thepissed off I get No Maggie S I do not want to decide what happens in the end I want an ending.
If I wanted to use my imagination I wouldnt have paid for a book