[ Pdf Crippen ¶ romanian-literature PDF ] by John Boyne ò This is a novel to burrow into and one for the Autumn Winter list My 10th Novel by John Boyne and I really do find that this author has a talent for creating memorable characters and bringing history to live Pure entertainment and great stroytelling.
Each of his novels are uniquely different, engaging and enthralling and I love picking up a John Boyne Novel as you never really know where his books are going to take you.
I didn t even read the blurb of this novel and was presently surprised when finishing to realise that this was loosely based on true events and I really enjoyed my google search to find photos of the people involved July 1910 The Grisly remains of Cora Crippen, music hall singer and wife of Dr Hawley Crippen are discovered in the cellar of 39 Hilldrop Crescent, Camden But the Doctor and his mistress Ethel Le Neve have vanished much to the frustration of Scotland Yard and the outrage of horrified LondonJohn Boyne is all about the character development and while many of the characters are dislikable they are certainly memorable and vivid This Novel is quite long at 500 pages and yet it is beautifully paced and the slow release of the story keeps the reader engaged and in suspense right up until the end The book moves beautifully from one location and one time frame to another without confusing the reader I really enjoyed this one, its an old fashioned style thriller historical novel based on an actuary case in history.
This is historical fiction with a murder mystery and a little true crime.
Based on the real life case of Dr Crippen and the murder of his wife Cora Crippen in 1910, John Boyne has built around this event a cast of characters and a plausible theory as to what really happened I am a big John Boyne fan and really enjoy his storytelling As with all his writing this is so immersive and absorbing The historical elements add a depth and interest to a story that is ultimately about the nature of human beings.
Although not my favourite of his books I would still highly recommend this one.

More damn good storytelling by John Boyne A murder mystery, an odd lot of characters sailing off from Antwerp to Canada, which includes the good Doctor Crippen and his mistress lover, Ethel, in disguise as father and son There s a reason for their disguise and identity change The story starts off with those boarding the SS Montrose, taking stock of their surroundings and fellow passengers Each has their own agenda, whether looking for relaxation, love, violence, running away from secrets A great mix of characters which kept the book really interesting Dr Hawley Crippen, you will find, is not the most dynamic person He s always wanted to be a doctor but due to lack of funds, he pursues his degrees through correspondence classes He often sells himself as a Doctor and a Dentist, which is an outright lie, and he fools most, including deluding himself As a dentist, he takes a personal pleasure in doing procedures with a minimal use of anesthetic pain reliever His patients leave his office bloodied and screaming He finds a job at a homeopathy type of store and is successful, but remember, he is not action oriented or dynamic or assertive by nature He is quiet, thoughtful, and easily led We learn of wife 1 who died tragically in a car accident They had a son and he relinquished that son to the maternal grandparents, never to be seen again Wife 2, Cora, is a singer at a bar music hall She thinks hopes she is going to be the next singing sensation and she is also deluding herself of that expectation She singles him out at the music hall and sinks her claws in once she finds out he s a Doctor And, he is totally entranced with her She smells her fortune and fame through him and their eventual marriage turns out to be the marriage from hell She is sly, slick, money hungry, deceitful, abusive to him and others an adulteress I couldn t keep track of how many infidelities she had She s always screaming at or belittling her husband, Dr Crippen Extorting money from him that they barely have for voice lessons, fancy dresses, etc Screaming at him when he comes home from work ten minutes late This chick, man oh man, she s a real piece of work What a witch When she starts beating on him with a kitchen pan and with her fists, and he does not do anything but answer, Yes, Cora, we get a good picture of what their marriage life is all about Hell And this hell is real And Dr Hawley Crippen is a human doormat who doesn t stand up for himself Mistress Lover Potential wife 3, Ethel, who is hired by Dr Crippen to work at the homeopathy shop She is nothing like the other women in Crippen s life They develop a work friendship, much to Cora s chagrin, insults and name calling This eventually turns into than a work relationship Next Cora disappears, two stories are at work here of her whereabouts to visit a dying Uncle in California but then she dies there, never to return Suspicious You tell me The other is a note she left on the kitchen table for Crippen stating she has taken off with a man from one of her many affairs and not to look for her Suspicious You tell me So where s Cora Cora is actually found by an Inspector who is looking into her disappearance she is dismembered chopped in pieces and her body parts wrapped in newspaper and buried under some tiles in the basement of their marital home But her head is missing As we all know, the husband is always looked at first when there is foul play concerning his wife And now he is not to be found, because he s on the boat to Canada, with Ethel, under an assumed name, which is not a spoiler as this is revealed in the first several pages of the book Don t be too hasty in your condemnation, though There are many who might have had a bone to pick with this loud mouthed, rude, conceited, inflammatory and abusive woman, Cora Crippen You ve really got to read this one The I read of John Boyne books, I m having a hard time deciding which particular one I like the best, because they are all good in their own unique way And I m not done there are books of his to be read 4.
5 stars for this one Note This story of Dr Hawley Crippen is based on a true police case, if you are inclined to research into this further Many of the characters from the original case were worked into this fictional tale The author has provided a personal note at the back of this book that is worthy of reading.
I love this author s stuff and this book was so good The writing, the pacing, the historical feel of this story, all of it I was not familiar the real Dr Crippen so this read as a bit of a thriller for me as well.
As a fictionalised reinterpretation of real events, this book often stretches credulity It is, however, a very entertaining read and surprised me by having some very funny moments.
Well, where to start How about with just one word WOW Crippen is quite one of the most gripping crime faction novels I ve ever read That s the short version.
You want the long version OK, here goes This fictionalised account of a real and infamous crime that gripped the English speaking world is nothing short of brilliant The characters are sympathetically drawn, yes, even that of Dr Hawley Crippen himself Boyne has taken one of Britain s most notorious and mysterious killers and made him a human being one with feelings and troubles with which one can readily identify The relationship he suffers with his overbearing wife, Cora, makes one wish someone would kill her Despite Dr Crippen being a name synonymous with gruesome and grisly murder, mystery and misconception surrounds both the man and the case, so proceedings are not so straightforward as one might expect Indeed, Boyne manages to keep things suspenseful to the very end, which came as a huge surprise to this reader I was completely drawn into the plot and loved the back and forth style of storytelling which revealed things little by little, drawing things out in such a way that there was always something unexpected around the corner Time and again I was delighted by some little twist or turn till the thrilling conclusion which was immensely satisfying.
It s rare that a novel compels me to research a subject further, but this one has had that exact effect I m now fascinated by the man and the crime he committed or did he , and urge all fans of crime fact and fiction to pick up Crippen as soon as possible I guarantee you won t be able to put it down till the last page has been turned.
This took some time to read but it was quite interesting and had some unexpected turn of events Not my favorite by this author but a very enjoyable read that I would recommend to lovers of historical fiction based on real life events.
4 stars It was great I loved it John Boyne never disappoints, and the only thing better than historical fiction, is historical fiction based on actual events Once you have read the book, there is an interesting article with engrossing pictures surrounding what happened here, but I recommend not peeking until after you have read the novel to avoid spoilers Favorite Quote That s the strangest thing about the wealthiest families of Europe they re all penniless.
First Sentence She was over 575 feet in length, with a beam almost an eighth of that size.
July The Grisly Remains Of Cora Crippen, Music Hall Singer And Wife Of Dr Hawley Crippen, Are Discovered In The Cellar Of Hilldrop Crescent, Camden But The Doctor And His Mistress, Ethel Le Neve, Have Vanished, Much To The Frustration Of Scotland Yard And The Outrage Of A Horrified LondonAcross The Channel In Antwerp, The SS Montrose Sets Sail On Its Two Week Voyage To Canada Amongst Its Passengers Are The Overbearing Antonia Drake And Her Daughter Victoria, Who Is Hell Bent On Romance, The Enigmatic Mathieu Zela And The Modest Martha Hayes Also On Board Are The Unassuming Mr John Robinson And His Seventeen Year Old Son Edmund But All Is Not As It Seems John Boyne presents us with a fictionalised account of the famous Dr Crippen case of the early 20th century with many of the characters and situations taken from the facts of the case and others created, successfully, to serve the plot.
The book moves seamlessly from one location and one time frame to another, beginning with Crippen and his mistress Ethel LeNeve in Antwerp ready to board the SS Montrose en route to Canada and a new life To completely set the scene and present a portrait of the artist , so to speak, it then flits back to Crippen s far from happy youth in Michigan before arriving in London shortly after the alleged crime has taken place.
From then on locations are visited and lively characters are introduced that make the story quite spellbinding, even if one does already know details of the case The tension mounts with each turn of the page and in an innovative ending reaches quite a crescendo.
The story as presented does, perhaps surprisingly, leave readers with some sympathy for the protagonists, as even the pursuing Inspector Dew discovered As such it is a most enjoyable and fascinating tale, extremely well told.