ò Contagious ↠´ Download by Ò Scott Sigler From The Acclaimed Author Of Infected Comes An Epic And Exhilarating Story Of Humanity S Secret Battle Against A Horrific Enemy Across America, A Mysterious Pathogen Transforms Ordinary People Into Raging Killers, Psychopaths Driven By A Terrifying, Alien Agenda The Human Race Fights Back, Yet After Every Battle The Disease Responds, Adapts, Using Sophisticated Strategies And Brilliant Ruses To Fool Its Pursuers The Only Possible Explanation The Epidemic Is Driven Not By Evolution But By Some Malevolent IntelligenceStanding Against This Unimaginable Threat Is A Small Group, Assembled Under The Strictest Secrecy Their Best Weapon Is Hulking Former Football Star Perry Dawsey, Left Psychologically Shattered By His Own Struggles With This Terrible Enemy, Who Possesses An Unexplainable Ability To Locate The Disease S Hosts Violent And Unpredictable, Perry Is Both The Nation S Best Hope And A Terrifying Liability Hardened CIA Veteran Dew Phillips Must Somehow Forge A Connection With Him If They Re Going To Stand A Chance Against This Maddeningly Adaptable Opponent Alongside Them Is Margaret Montoya, A Brilliant Epidemiologist Who Fights For A Cure Even As She Reels Under The Weight Of Endless Horrors These Three And Their Team Have Kept Humanity In The Game, But That S Not Good Enough Any, Not When The Disease Turns Contagious, Triggering A Fast Countdown To Armageddon Meanwhile, Other Enemies Join The Battle, And A New Threat One That Comes From A Most Unexpected Source May Ultimately Prove The Most Dangerous Of AllCatapulting The Reader Into A World Where Humanity S Life Span Is Measured In Hours And The President S Finger Hovers Over The Nuclear Button, Rising Star Scott Sigler Takes Us On A Breathtaking, Hyper Adrenalized Ride Filled With Terror And Jaw Dropping Action Contagious Is A Truly Grand Work Of Suspense, Science, And Horror From A New Master I have come to a realization that Scott Sigler is one of the hardest working authors out there I first heard about Mr Sigler while listening to his interview on The Dragon Page podcast They were discussing his book Infested and the radical methods that he uses to get his work recognized, such as, releasing it as a free e book and offering the free audio version Soon after the podcast was finished a free copy of Infested appeared in my iTunes que I am pretty sure the publisher did not know what to make of this but I glad they took a chance I really admired the different approach Mr Sigler was taking to promote his work so I went out that weekend and purchased a copy of the hardcover edition, at full price no less, even though I had a free copy on my hard drive.
Now, all this promotion would not work if Mr Sigler could not write Luckily, he is a hell of writer and reminds me of a young Stephen King in that the further you get into the story the harder it is to put the book down Infested ended up being one of my favorite novels of 2008 So I was eagerly awaiting the sequel, Contagious It is not so much a sequel as it is a continuation.
Contagious starts off right about where Infected left off My two favorite characters are back, Perry Dawsey and CIA agent Dew Phillips along with all the people from the first novel Perry is left affected by the events of Infected and his able to track the triangles and their constant attempts to build gates portals So Perry, the CIA and the military spend their time tracking down gates and taking them out before the alien invaders can come through Unfortunately, the aliens are getting wise to the human tactics and shift their strategy So instead of infecting humans, they work out a way for the triangles to become Contagious so that it will be impossible for the puny humans to stop them From here, all hell breaks loose.
Contagious takes place on much grander scale than Infested did The ending is shocking in it s brutality and will leave you stunned.
What I liked As I said, about half way through the book it is impossible to put down It kinda reminded of the TV Show 24 Bad things keep happening to the good guys and you wonder how they are going to get out of it The action continues to build a break neck speed and Mr Sigler does not let up on throttle until the last page By the time you turn the last page, you will your best Keanu Reeves rendition of Woh.
What I didn t like The third book, Pandemic, is not ready to go and I have to wait.
Last word Scott Sigler is on the precipice of becoming a big time author and this is due in large part to the work he puts into his novels and into his radical promotional methods Even though it is early in 2009, I can confidently state that Contagious will be one of favorite books of the year.
As a side note, Mr Sigler also made into our family s lexicon My wife and I use numerous saying that a few people understand For example, when watching a movie and a character is suddenly introduced just so that they can be killed, we will laugh and point out that they are a Red Shirt Google it if you don t get it Anyway, after reading Contagious I now threatened my wife that she will get the Spanky Spoon if she does not behave So, congratulations Mr Sigler, you have made into our family s weird sayings that nobody understands and gets us strange looks from friends and family.
5 starsAs fast paced and exiting this book was, I can t get over the bland, emotionless style of the writer This guy had an ok idea and decided to write a novel about it I ll give him kudos for the work but I really can t say he s a great author The characters are flat, reach life altering decisions in a heartbeat, change their behaviour and opinions on a whim Maybe it s just me but I hated every chapter title in this book because it couldnt be drier like a weather forecast Margaret Has a Coffee kind of stuff which soundedlike college textbook chapters than actual sci fi novel titles The guy who cries his eyes out in one paragraph sucks it up and becomes a hero in the next The woman who says no sir, never ever decides it s actually a yes on the next pageit felt so haphazard, so thrown together, so clumsy Dont even get me started on the science part of it Overall, it was like watching a Jason Statham action movie a thrilling, exaggerated, cliche, totally unrealistic and basically shallow entertainment Sorry for being harsh but as an avid sci fi and thriller reader I must say that yes, the Story is important but the best story is nothing if you can t spin it well enough to make it memorable The ending of course indicated that the series will continue Not sure if I ll read the third installment.

THE umm.
gross parts.
THAT AMAZING PLOT All of these contribute to my perfect rating That was one amazing adventure horror thriller story Following up on last year s Infected, Contagious is both a sequel and an expansion of Scott Sigler s twisted universe where an alien virus is trying to take over the planet Infected kept the stakes fairly limited following the traumatic infection and steps taken by Perry Dawsey to cure himself With Contagious, Sigler takes a much wider view, showing us how the virus is working to establish a beach head on our planet and possibly take over Contagious takes a few pages to get going, but once it does, it doesn t really let up There aren t any scenes quite as memorable as the one involving the chicken scissors from the first book, but the story is still a good one Seeing how the military is working to stop the triangles and the impact that is having on Dawsey is good Of course, this being a novel by Sigler, those who are a bit squeamish need not apply There is horror aplenty in the story.