[ Read Online Closet Treats ☆ spanish-literature PDF ] by Paul Elard Cooley ☆ An amazing story You will never listen to an ice cream truck jingle again.
What a great story Lots of twists and turn in this tale It was hard to put it down and now that I ve finished it I know I ll be picking it back up again A man s life is ruled by his fears which he thought were under control by medication until they are triggered by a completely innocent source The stuff of childhood dreams and joy places him back into a nightmare world of his own making leaving him in paralytic seizures But what was the source of his nightmare world read the book or listen to the podiocast to find out This is a must on your list Go on, give it a chance.
I am a horror nut, I watch horror movies, I read horror stories and with the sensation of American Horror Story I can watch a horror TV Show With my love of such media it takes a lot to make me uncomfortable to creep me out, or to think that was just wrong Well Mr Paul Elard Cooley does the trick with his book I am going to do my best to not spoil anything in this because the smallest of slips would ruin the utterly dark, twisted places created by this story.
Cooley tells the tale of another one of his fiends This one however hinges on the primal fear we all had as children, the fear of something under the bed or in this case in the closet We all have our personal boogeymen as kids but Cooley takes that to a whole new torturous level The world build by Cooley is unmistakably unique and as dark as the shadow publication motto shadow publications were we don t believe in happy endings A great treat I feel in a horror author is the will and fortitude to brooch topics that most folks wont even look at let alone talk about, Cooley goes there in Closet Treats and he does it in a way that makes you feel so wholly with the main character that you feel like his pain is your pain I will not disclose what this is but I will say this could be a deal breaker for many because I know a lot of people who find such things to much.
Closet Treats has a wonderful cast of characters, whom you can identify with as you come to know them and ultimately find out there fate at the hands of the lord of Fiends Cooley I really wish I could go in todetail about this story but it would just be rife with spoilers and I can t do that with this book So please go read this, or listen to the podcast of this story them come here and lets discuss because Closet Treats is wellA treat.
I read this as part of the Fiends collection While horror isn t something I read that often, I had heard Cooley s take on the genre during an interview, and it soundedlike my own You see, I prefer psychological horror to today s gore based gross out horror, and Cooley espoused the same view After reading Closet Treats I am not disappointed Closet Treats explores the happenings around Trey Leger and his family Trey suffers from a mental psychosis that sometimes causes him to hallucinate things horrible things As a result, he is never quite sure if the things he sees happening around him are real, or simply the result of his mind twisting reality.
Then things get worse when neighborhood children begin disappearingCooley weaves his way through the various views of reality, and causes the reader to question what is actually going on right up to the climax of the story More importantly, he deftly avoids the easy cliches that many authors would have used, instead taking the difficult road through the minefield of viewing the world through the eyes of a protagonist who truly doesn t know whether or not to trust what he sees.
I highly recommend this one for anyone who wants to read good psychological horror.
An entertaining listenand I was warned.
don t expect a happy ending Just finished this creepy book Now I m looking at the ice cream man in a whole new light Seriously creepy if you like this sort of thriller.
Reality Is A Slippery Slope For Trey Leger, But He S Managed To Carve Out A Somewhat Normal Existence In Spite Of His Mental Illness But When An Ice Cream Truck Starts Making The Rounds Of His Neighborhood, Trey Can No Longer Tell Reality From His DelusionsCloset Treats Explores The Blurred Lines Between Psychosis And Reality, Asking The Question Do Monsters Exist Outside The Mind No closureStory was great but it ended to abruptly There were far to many unanwered questions Especially with regard to the main characters past.
A well crafted cast of characters, well crafted descriptions of eerie happenings, creepy ice cream trucks .
This novel isn t a gore fest, nor is it a fast paced slasher Rather, Closet Treats focuses on thepsychological aspects of fear and the unknown, the feelings of dread as you walk along a lonely street, or the pitch black just beyond the closet door.
The characters are great, and I dare you not to feel for each and every one of them as the harrowing events unfold.
To sum up, allow me to quote myself from a review on my blog at klneidecker.
com All through out the story, just to spice things up for our char ac ters, Trey is suf fer ing from men tal con di tions that make it very tough to know if cer tain dis turb ing things he is see ing, are real or imag i nary Once again, sub tlety is the magic word here No blood drip ping from the walls or Cheshire cats play ing beach vol ley ball here Every thing he expe ri ences is with in the realm of believ abil ity for an ill ness like what he suf fers, and adds to the tension.
I mean, how muchtense can things get You sense dan ger threat en ing your fam ily and can t deter mine if it s real or all in your squishy gray matter All in all, this novel is worth a read, and frankly, I plan on pick ing upof the authors stuff I was enter tained, I was con cerned for the well being of the char ac ters, I felt tense at all the right moments Whatcan I ask for A close friend of mine recommended this author and book At first I was hesitant because it s not the genre I typically read So like all things I went with my gut and gave it a chance Am I glad I did I started reading this book and then that same week I had the privilege of meeting the author Let s just say he s one kick a guy with a wicked sense of humor and I can actually see him sitting there writing this gem I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a bit of a thrill, the use of their imagination and getting a bit creeped out I won t say too much about the actual story because I wouldn t want to ruin the surprise but let s just say Cooley puts the excitement in all the right places, he hangs you off the edge of a cliff by a thread but somehow he gets you back on stable land just before sending you back over the edge.