ä Read ✓ With No One As Witness by Elizabeth George ↠´ I know I wrote a review for this some time ago and I m disappointed the system seems to have blipped said review into oblivion As with almost all George s books, I loved this one and was so dumbstruck and awed and distressed by the ending that I could not read the sequel to this particular story What Happened Before He Shot Her still haven t managed to get to it although I ve read Color of Blood I think it s called the one that came after What Happened anyway I ll enthusiastically awaiting the new one, which I ve requested from the library and should be coming my way in a week or so YAY FOr the future reader s FYI, there is a sequence to all her books not just which was written and published first, but the story line of Inspector Linley and his friends and colleagues which actually starts with A Suitable Vengence George is a brilliant writer of crime Hope you all enjoy SPOILER ALERT This review reveals an irritating, but important, plot detail Sweet Lord mother of God Did nobody tell this woman that reading a book about a crazed serial killer is tough enough going But to kill off Lynley s fricking WIFE in the middle of the book For no apparent reason Give me a freaking break.
The Police Never Suspected A Serial Killer Was At Large Until They Found The Third Murdered Boy, The First White Victim, His Body Draped Over A Tomb In A London Graveyard Suddenly A Series Of Crimes And A Potential Public Relations Disaster Have Scotland Yard On The Defensive, Scrambling To Apprehend A Maniac While Avoiding Accusations Of RacismDetective Superintendent Thomas Lynley, Distracted By Concerns For His Pregnant Wife, Has Been Assigned To The Investigation, Along With His Disgraced Partner, Barbara Havers, Who S Fighting For Her Professional Future Winston Nkata, Deservedly, If Hastily, Promoted To Detective Sergeant, Is The Black Face Who Will Speak To The Media But None Of Them Can Imagine The Tenacity And Ingenuity Of The Killer They Seek And No One Is Prepared For The Savage, Shocking Instant When Everything Will Change Forever I won t read any Elizabeth George novels because of this one I was so angry at what she did to the characters that I swore off her altogether A big part of what I enjoy about murder mystery series is that we get to know the primary characters over time, and see them develop So to mess around with the relationship between readers and characters is to incur the readers wrath.
I hope to eventually forgive Ms George, because I enjoyed the series prior to With No One As Witness For now, I ll have to be content with The Inspector Lynley series on PBS.
This one was quite a ride One of the best in the series, in my opinion I almost didn t want to read it, having accidentally found out a major plot development in advance But Ms George s writing was spot on in describing how all the characters dealt with the situation Very realistic It was good to have Lynley Havers back, although this one leaves you hanging whether they will be a team in the future If you re a fan of the series, and the characters, this one is a don t miss Not easy, necessarily, but very, very good Kind of like Aslan, if you know what I mean.
I have very mixed feelings about this book I like to read Elizabeth George because I m so attached to her characters, especially to Helen Lynley because she adds a light touch to the proceedings Other than Helen, the characters are all very serious and pained in various ways This book is very well plotted and the characters are as strong as ever The ending is satisfying, while leaving me wondering what will happen with these characters next I have a big problem, though Ms George has killed off Helen and I m not sure I can forgive her for that Heartbreaking, and I m not sure who will supply the required grace note now that Helen is gone I also had a second, smaller, but still significant problem I don t want to see into the mind of the serial killer There were some keys to the killer s identity embedded in his thoughts, but I don t care I wish the author had found a different way of doing it I like police procedurals and the puzzle of it all, but I don t want my own thoughts polluted by his and I don t care how the killer got the way he is He is what he is, irredeemable, and needs to be caught and put away somewhere Full stop.
I enjoyed reading this book It took me a moment to get into it as well as get around the dialect This book is 928 pages or 19 cds long Starts off slightly boring and takes a minute to kickstart the desire to read.
There s a killer going around selecting young black males as his victims and performing painful torture to them No one ever witnesses these abductions nor does anyone know why these boys would be so susceptible to their killer On the case is Constable Havers, Acting Superintendent Lynley, Constable N Carter and over 20 other personnel to help find this killer.
Sehr spannend aufgebaut mit vielen Details zu den Ermittlungen ein wirklich toller Krimi

I read one of the early Elizabeth George novels years ago and didn t like it George is an American writing police procedurals set in London Having lived in London myself, I was put off by her unsure grasp of English social customs and s I don t know what possessed me to read this, but I must say George has come a long way in the intervening years Not only is she sure footed in making her way through the English class system, her gift for plot has truly blossomed The only real complaint I have is that she way overkills the backstory Or properly, backstories Even her backstories have backstories There is no character so minor that his or her motivation is not scrutinized unto the seventh generation The result is a 775 page rendition of a 300 page story.
I have followed this series from the first book and read them all in order This one, took me by surprise and brought a tear to my eye, something that does not usually happen Firstly, Ms George for the first time went for a serial killer and also took on a difficult subject of what goes through the mind of a paedophile and their justifications for how they act Mixed race 12 13 year old boys are being murdered with their bodies mutilated in London, and it takes four deaths before the police realize that they have a serial killer on their hands The boys are all from troubled backgrounds and initially treated as runaways, and by the time New Scotland Yard take on the case, the killer has started to escalate Linley is under so much pressure from the press and his boss, Hillier, he is close to breaking point Added to this, Nkata has been promoted by Hillier for all the wrong reasons, Barbara Havers has not had her rank reinstated and there the clock is ticking to stop this killer, before another body is discovered I do not want to give too much away here, as some reviews went too far and gave way too much away, but Ms George took a brave decision here and threw a major spanner in the works in this book I gave it 5 stars because it make an impact and left me thinking about it, long after I finished it If you like this series, this book is the best one, in my opinion, todate I cannot understand why some people gave it one star, maybe they did not follow the series, who knows I would highly recommend it, but it should be read in the order of the series.