↠´ Tooth and Nail ✓ Download by ó Ian Rankin Fish out of water Rebus Loved it Rebus is on loan to London to help solve a serial murder case Somehow he s now got the rep as a serial killer expert and has been called in to solve this series of heinous, brutal murders His interactions with the London police and resentment of their hick from the sticks attitude towards him is classic Rebus as is his awkward concern regarding his daughter and her new Beau and the suspicions he has that this boy in her life is trouble The mystery was good well crafted and hard to figure out The car chase scene at the end gave good entertainment value Having the story set in London was a nice twist as I know that city well but I look forward to 4 when Rebus is back in his own stomping grounds in Edinburgh A really enjoyable series so far.
Of all the fictional coppers I read about on a regular basis, Detective John Rebus is the least likeable Granted, I ve only just finished the third book in the series I am reading them in order , so he may become likeable as I progress, but right now there is nothing I like about this character I connect on a shockingly deep level could it be love with Henning Mankell s Kurt Wallander, feeling a kinship with the sullen Ystad detective that I ve felt with few fictional characters in my life, and I enjoy the fictional company of both Martin Beck and Lennart Kollberg in Sj wall and Wahl s police procedurals But I find Rebus to be an insufferable prick Why do I loathe Rebus so much At first I thought it must be because he was like me that s always the place my self critical brain first takes me when I meet or read someone I don t like , but it took very little soul searching to see that he s really nothing like me at all apart from being in his forties by book 3 in the series No I don t like him because he is arrogant without cause I don t like him because he is a manipulative bastard when it comes to the people in his life I don t like him because he is hypocritically self righteous I don t like him because he puts anyone and everyone in danger without thinking about the dangers so long as his goal of catching the criminal fast is fulfilled I don t like him because of his wishy washy religious beliefs and his selfishness and his opinions about evil and bad teeth and mindless book collection and his self righteousness didn t I mention that already.
Yet for all Rebus dislikeability and the uncanny levels of luck he has when it comes to solving the crimes he s investigating, I find Ian Rankin s compelling I get the sense that Rankin wants us to dislike Rebus His detective is supposed to be a difficult man to like, a problematic protagonist who flies in the face of the classic police hero More than that, though, Rankin s an inviting writer He knows pace He knows how to build suspense He knows mystery, and he keeps me wanting from page to page and book to book I badly want to see a film version of Rebus I m guessing he ll be a much likeable guy on screen I wonder if that will make me like the books or less I am curious to find out.
Oh yeah, Tooth and Nail s mystery was dumb But fun did you like my Rankinesque fragment Drafted Down To The Big Smoke Thanks To A Supposed Expertise In The Modus Operandi Of Serial Killers, Inspector John Rebus Is On A Train South From Edinburgh His Scotland Yard Opposite Number, George Flight, Isn T Too Happy At Yet Interference It S Bad Enough Having Several Chief Inspectors On Your Back Without Being Hounded At Every Turn By An Upstart Jock Rebus Is Going To Have To Deal With Racial Prejudice As Well As The Predations Of A Violent Maniac When He S Offered A Serial Killer Profile Of The Wolfman By An Attractive Lady Psychologist, It S Too Good An Opportunity To Turn Down But In Finding An Ally, He May Have Given His Enemies An Easy Means Of Attack Number 3 in the Rebus series and I enjoyed it very much Rebus is in London and is quite out of his comfort zone, but still manages to be his normal bend all the rules self And of course he has the final flash of inspiration which catches the killer I had absolutely zero idea of who the killer was going to be I didn t even know the gender of the person we were looking for and yet when I found out who it was I thought Oh yes Of course The mark of a good thriller writer I think I will most certainly continue with this series.
b yle serilerin ilk kitaplar genelde en iyisi oluyor yine de dedektif john rebus iyi bir seri kurtadam mahlasl katilin ocuklu u ve ona yans mas biraz kli e.
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This early entry in the Rebus series is not the best nor the worst of the books.
it has its strong points such as the continuing unpleasant attitude of the detective which the author just keeps building upon as the series progresses The weak point is the motive identity ot the serial killer who Rebus has been seconded to London to help capture It is one of those pick the least likely suspect and you have solved the case which has become a rather lame plot device in modern police procedurals and it surprised me that Rankin would choose it.
I have read many of the books in this series and have enjoyed them immensely but this one falls a little short of what one usually expects from this best selling author If you read it and don t like it, give the series another chance since most of the books are very well done This was just early days.
Tooth Nail by Ian Rankin.
This is the 3rd in the Inspector Rebus series and my 14th I decided to hunt down Rebus s beginnings in his sleuthing career.
Rebus has been called into London for his expertise in serial murderers It seems murders have occurred in which each victim has been bitten Hence the press has labeled him The Wolfman George flight is the head of the investigation and is not happy about Rebus being assigned to his case Flight shows his true colors by taking credit for any clues Rebus informs him of as his own Butlet s not underestimate Rebus His retaliation has him coming ouit on top no matter what the odds The climatic ending had me panting There s no keeping up with Rebus even as just the reader so well written I was running behind Rebus all the way and what a way it was Brilliantly narrated performed by Samuel Gillies who had just the perfect Scottish lilt to his voice without throwing me off track.

This is one of the earlier books in the Rebus series I had missed I found it rather interesting to go back in time to when Rebus was in his 40 s, assigned to a serial killer case in London and thus able to at least visit his ex wife and daughter living there in a fairly questionable neighborhood.
Rebus is not universally welcomed by the London police force I was not familiar with the slang utilized in identifying a Scot as Jock so I had to read a bit about that Rebus was referred to in this manner and within the context it most certainly was not friendly.
However these Londoners may have viewed his presence in London, he shows them just how to catch a serial killer I usually avoid books that detail serial killers, and that may be why I had skipped over this one Yes, that part of the story is gruesome and graphic but presents enough of a mystery that it becomes interesting than revolting.
Library Loan Thank you, library i love my Scotsman Rebus, always a good relaxing read Third book in the series and I m still enjoying it Rebus is in London helping to catch a serial killer It s never really explained why he s been requested to help, but I didn t care We got to see Rhona, his ex, and Samantha, his daughter Unrealistically, Rebus finds his way around London with no problem I still liked the book.
Rankin does a great job developing a relationship between Rebus and Inspector George Flight tentative at first and then growing respect and to friendship in the end I liked Flight and how his anxiety would turn to anger, only to calm down and accept Rebus s ideas And I loved the judge in the back seat of the Jaguar.
I will definitely will be reading the next book.