ð Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana (Book 1) ¹ Download by Ù Lisa Lee Tee Morris is one of the most talented authors and podcasters The audio was captivating The strength of the characters, plot, and script combined was monumental, mind blowing, and breath taking I could listen to this book another dozen times and never tire of it And I probably will The cast was glamorous and added another dimension to fleshing out the book and bringing it to life The various worlds were built with the blood, sweat, and tears of wars, deceit, allies, and love It was rich with history woven into the characters past and paved the road they travelled and the decisions they tread All plots and subplots climaxed, broke hearts, and created the devotional thread from authors to characters to readers I would definitely recommend this pirates fantasy medieval England travel adventure to mature audiences who need a true escape with the guarentee of coming back to reality feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
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com Tee Morris a great author Good characters and story line Don t think that it s a typical pirate story It s anything but Give it a try, even if you don t typically like this genre You just might be surprised

I totally enjoyed this podcast It s one of those books that I ll go back to at some point and listen to or read again I was engrossed from the very beginning The sound quality, voice inflections, and sound effects were awesome It s a story of pirates, a fantasy world, romance and intrigue I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can t give it enough praise.
Shiver me timbers, it s a pirate book that s interesting Forget the stereotype, this is the real deal Travel through the rift to the mysterious land of Morevi with your classic privateer Adventure awaits grab it today Got this mostly because I met the co author Tim, and since he hangs out in Revel Grove aka the Maryland Renaissance Festival , I got the book It s a pretty good sword and sorcery tale, complete with alternate universes and trips to our universe.
I first encountered this as a podcast novel I enjoyed it that way and then tried it as an e book Having read some of Mr Morris later works I can definately see his growth as a writer and collaborator.
Pirates, intrigue, stunning and smart women Woohoo what a ride It was fun Took a little longer to wrap up than I d have liked, but still fun.
Off The Coast Of Ireland, Concealed By Fog And Rock, Is An Area Known To Sailors As The Graveyard Of Lost Ships A Twist Of Fate Forces A Lone Privateer Ship And Its Crew To Discover In This Graveyard A Rift In The Space Time Continuum And A Realm Known As Morevi, A Landlocked Kingdom Shrouded By Jungles And Mystery This Kingdom Falls Under The Rule Of Askana Moldarin, Known In Her Realm As The Black Widow Following Her Swift And Bloody Ascent To The Throne An Archaic Regime Of Hardship, Cruelty And Ruthlessness Inspires Young Askana Moldarin To Lead A Revolution The Downfall Of The Old Government Is Duly Replaced By A Rule Of Women, Askana Crowned First Queen Of Morevi In The Dawn Of This New Age, The Predatory Neighboring Kingdom Of Eyrie And Hidden Traitors In Her Own Regime Threaten To Destroy Everything She Has Won She Knows That Her Kingdom Hangs In A Delicate Balance And That Someone Close To The Throne Is About To Move Against Her Askana, Independent Of Council, Seeks Help Outside Of Morevi To Reveal The Conspiracy Against Her Enter Rafe Rafton, Captain Of The Defiant With A Sum Agreed Upon, Rafe Devises A Plan To Smuggle The Queen And Her Personal Guards Out Of The City Walls Once In Eyrie The Captain Would Begin To Play Askana S Own Counter Intrigue But His Trusted Eyriener Connections Double Cross Him He Had Taken Precautions, But The Privateer Does Not Escape Unscathed The Defiant Returns To England In Hope Of Winning The Support Of King Henry The VIII, But Now It Falls Upon Askana To Save The Life Of Rafe Rafton, The One Time Outlaw Of Her Realm, Now Her Link To A New World And Powerful Allies As Askana Traverses The Rift, Movement Against HouseMoldarin Begins In Morevi Accusations Against The Queen Are Led By A Young Lady Of House Annaki, Min Lu She Leads Her Own Campaign Against The Black Widow And Rallies The Council Of A Hundred Turi Into A Fervor, Claiming That Askana Moldarin Is About To Lead Them Into One Of The Bloodiest Ages Of Their Country Following Her Address, Min Lu Shares A Private Audience With High Lord Ruain, An Enigmatic Ally From Eyrie Their Hushed Voices Reseolve A Pledge To Gain Control Of Morevi With Reports Of Rafe And Askana As Guests Of The Tudor King, The High Lord Ruain Journeys Across The Rift To Fulfill His Own Agenda, An Agenda Independent Of Min Lu S And Carried Out Under His True Identity A good swashbuckling read keeps the pace up nicely