✓ Read Ï Join My Cult! by James Curcio ✓ I m probably not going to manage a better review than Religions Philosophies Advertising Campaigns Gurus Prozac All Of These Drugs Are Sold As Answers To Our Deepest Questions Why Are We Here What Truly Has Meaning For A Group Of Young Adults Desperately Searching For Meaning In The Bleak McMansion Sprawls Of Suburban America, These Questions Are Of The Essence When None Of The Accepted Avenues Of Thought Or Behavior Make Sense Any Longer, They Wander Into An Unknown Territory Of Magick, Drug Use, And Shamanic Exploration Through Satire And Drama, Join My Cult Takes You On An Inward Initiatory Journey And A Deeply Hypnotic Experience I picked this book up on what I thought was a solid recommendation There are plenty of good ideas that inform it, to be sure, and it certainly does have some sort of effect on you if you take it seriously However, I found that it suffers from its subject matter melodramatic suburban teenagers This is one of the few books that I ve audibly snorted at after reading the first bits of dialogue The writing is just inexcusable at some points, however true it may be to its characters being true to the characters, though, means that it reads like something a melodramatic suburban teenager might write, which isn t necessarily desirable.
On the other hand, there are plenty of parts that will make sense to someone who s been here This is the propulsion across the abyss, chapel perilous, the fool s journey I ve dogeared some pages I might come back to My rating isaccurately 2.
5 stars.
I m probably not going to manage a better review than so far, quite an interesting read.
so far, quite an interesting read.