[Scott Sigler] ↠´ Earthcore [marathi PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ 5 awesome anther discovered favorite narrator stars audio 4 stars story Everything about this story was awesome especially the wonderful cast of characters My only issue was the length It was too damned long Some parts could ve been shortened or taken out completely.
This book felt like an epic race to the finish line Earthcore is one of those books that you enjoy reading because of the thrill and mysteries It was like watching a movie unfold, complete with mad scientists, an ambitious misguided businessman, an assassin and bizarre creatures LOTS AND LOTS OF BIZARRE CREATURES The story revolves around a mining area which is supposed to give off a lot of money It was a great vision and everyone felt excited for it However, it turned out to be the cause of their doom because deep within the area lies a primitive race At first, I thought these were just humans who evolved into something else But nooo.
They re waaaayy different I won t give out specific details Just know that they re all terrifying and very formidable Our main characters barely stood a chance Even the bad guy didn t stand a chance read this and you ll see what I m talking about Go on The relationships of the characters are also very intriguing It will keep you entertained while the creatures aren t attacking yet Enjoy their banters because when the action starts, they won t have enough time to do things other than killing and running This was also such a great read because it was all so informative I had to research on some stuff to see if they re just fiction or not I even had to look for pictures It s great It forced me to add some things to this brain of mine So there Great book I m glad that I gave this a shot I really, really like how this author works Holy Shit Mr Sigler This is the best book I ve read this year You are one of my favorite authors and Earthcore is now firmly in my top five favorite thrillers of all time, along with Infected That makes you the only author withthan one title in any of my top five lists I ve been reading 3 4 novels a week for the past 35 years so shining brighter than all the rest is no small achievement sir I did it, sonnow you have to read one I choose for you 2.
5Book SummaryDeep below a desolate Utah mountain lies the largest platinum deposit ever discovered A billion dollar find, it waits for any company that can drill a world s record, three mile deep mine shaft Earthcore is the company with the technology, the resources and the guts to go after the mother lode Young executive Connell Kirkland is the company s driving force, pushing himself and those around him to uncover the massive treasure But at three miles below the surface, where the rocks are so hot they burn bare skin, something has been waiting for centuries Waiting and guarding Kirkland and Earthcore are about to find out first hand why this treasure has never been unearthed This started so great The anticipation and mystery.
I love this stuff but I fear that Douglas Preston Lincoln Child have completely spoiled me.
The protagonist, Connell , experiences a heart breaking loss at the beginning of the story Unfortunately, this turns him into a complete anti social jerk that only lives for his career I understand him but I don t like him Luckily I don t need to like him, just be interested in him Through the process of horror and survival in the caves where he had hoped to make his company billions, he tries to redeem himself The change in his actions seemed trite and unbelievable to me.
This cast of characters include a psychopathic ex NSA agent, a narcissistic genius, a naive archeologist as well as two ex military security personnel Quite frankly the token ex military personnel were the only two characters I liked.
They get trapped miles below the surface and have to make their way even further down in order to eventually find a path to safety With the use of Kool Suits they are able to tolerate the high temperatures, but the suits are not armor and a tear can compromise the suits integrity On top of that, there are some very bad things waiting for themLike I said before, this is usually a plot that grips me but instead of the terror ramping up, it fizzled for me The characters seemed to be modeled on some action horror archetype someone wrote in the 80 s The female lead was an idealogical airhead of the save the artifacts, not yourself variety All the makings for a fantastic horror action adventure were there but it felt rushed and skeletal.

Earthcore is an interesting, muchfoul mouthed take on Journey to the Center of the Earth in my opinion Except, in Sigler s version, it s not dinosaurs you come across, but something muchshiny and squishy Once things get rolling it takes a while , it s an action packed adventure There s one flight from danger after another, and several surprises await you.
And that s about all that I can say that s nice about Earthcore.
One of the things that annoyed me about Earthcore was the sob story given to the human villain I see this a lot in books, and I just don t understand it Am I supposed to feel sorry for the character because s he had a bad life growing up Because I don t I had a rough life growing up myself and I didn t grow up to be a bad person I grew up still understanding the differences between right and wrong Making the choice to be a good person The villain is the villain They chose to do the wrong things, and, especially when they re geniuses, they do it with full understanding that what they re doing is wrong I don t care about their life growing up, and telling me about it in some effort to flesh them out only serves to annoy me and detract from the story.
And Scott Sigler does the sob story not once but twice in Earthcore I could almost understand it for the guy, because of the whole redeem during the course of the story factor but the true villain No That character is pretty much an evil archetype and trying to redeem them at all was just a waste of page space Apparently Earthcore started as a much shorter book that was expanded on recently to please the fans I can t help but think I probably would have preferred it in it s shorter form.
Unfortunately, a trend within Earthcore was that few of the characters were likable If you spend half the book being annoyed by the mere presence of certain characters on the page, it inevitably detracts from your overall enjoyment The only character I actually liked in the whole book was the prospector who finds the platinum to begin with Well, I liked Sanjay as well, but he was a very minor character Towards the end of the book, the main scientist, Angus, grated on my nerves so badly that simply listening to the book made me want to reach through my phone and smack the crap out of him The only way I was able to force myself to go on was to tell myself that he had to die a very horrible death very soon, right I like most of Sigler s work that I ve read listened to Infected was a fantastic audio experience that he narrated himself However, Earthcore just wasn t something I dug, pardon the pun In fact, by the end of the book, I truly disliked the book Ray Porter is the only thing that kept me listening to the audio book at all The plot had a few definite interesting twists to it, but not enough to save me from wanting to chuck it through the nearest window Can t recommend it, but I know I seem to be in the minority with that opinion, so take my review with a grain of salt.
Billions of dollars worth of platinum, 3 miles below the surface is up for grabs A ruthless mining company is staking its claim, but first a group of Earthcore employees and scientists will need to find a way to survive the night and quite possibly save the planet in the process I really enjoy Scott Siglers work The guy can definitely tell a story This may not have been my favorite so far, but it was fast, fun and entertaining There were some genuinely likeable, as well as, signature Sigler dislikable characters in here and while the story was fairly predictable it never once lost me and I had to ride it out to the end 3.
5 StarsEdit 4 30 13 I revised my star rating to reflect the.
5 star Starts out as clash of stereotypical characters Never stops being a big bore, partly because none of the paper thin characters is the least bit likable Even when the action and gore was at its fastest and most furious, I didn t care whether any survived.
A fair book overall Although there are many characters in the story, I didn t feel attached to or even like most of them The story was OK, but reminded me of others I was hoping forgeology and much less science fiction Sci fi, action adventure, staple.
Deep Below A Desolate Utah Mountain Lies The Largest Platinum Deposit Ever Discovered A Billion Dollar Find, It Waits For Any Company That Can Drill A World S Record, Three Mile Deep Mine Shaft Earthcore Is The Company With The Technology, The Resources And The Guts To Go After The Mother Lode Young Executive Connell Kirkland Is The Company S Driving Force, Pushing Himself And Those Around Him To Uncover The Massive TreasureBut At Three Miles Below The Surface, Where The Rocks Are So Hot They Burn Bare Skin, Something Has Been Waiting For Centuries Waiting And Guarding Kirkland And Earthcore Are About To Find Out First Hand Why This Treasure Has Never Been Unearthed