↠´ Earth ✓ Download by ✓ Mur Lafferty Questo terzo volume della serie Afterlife non mi pare particolarmente riuscito.
Finito il viaggio in paradiso e inferno molte divinit se ne sono andate e alcune nuove sono nate Kate e Daniel dovranno occuparsi di ricostruire la Terra distrutta nella fine del mondo e della nuova guerra per la gestione degli inferi.
Kate come personaggio risulta piuttosto piatto, e anche Daniel, che nel precedente volume sembrava avere consapevolezza del suo destino, qui perde ogni sicurezza.
Sotto l aspetto della divinit creatrice per me ha detto tutto la puntata di Futurama in cui Bender diventa una divinit alla deriva nello spazio, mentre sulla perdita continua della vista niente pu eguagliare Sirio dei Cavalieri dello Zodiaco poco innovativo dunque.
Oh heavens What happens when a human, slated forsince the beginning inherits Heaven and Hell Yes, things get askew And I think it s wonderful Well, not necessarily wonderful in the world, but for me as a reader listener FULL REVIEW Kate and Daniel are still coming into their powers and getting use to their new positions But they are not both adjusting well, or easily, to what they are to do There are troubles as well The weather is off, which shows they don t have full control of their powers There is something chasing after Daniel in Hell, and even when not there There are gods that are not happy with Kate and Daniel having control, even dead godswhere do they go And, they need to create an Earth before everything is sucked away All while trying to put the Afterlives back together.
We see new parts of Heaven A part that doesn t get seen by others and even becomes a very important part of the story Hobo Heaven.
What about the old gods There are some that just up and left There are others that are dead Where do the dead gods go though Is there even a death for the dead We see how the energies and souls move here.
But what s interesting, seeing the rise of powers that are not happy with who s in charge, or who is Kate and Daniel are in their new positions and struggling to figure out what they are to do, and how to do it One adjusts better than the other But it s a battle for them And one that leads to a big battle and worry Daniel and Kate are the center of the works and world here.
The responsibility they have on their shoulders Wow I am glad I don t have the weight of the world and afterlife on my shoulders I can completely understand the struggling, and there s no handbook either.
What happens when a human, slated forsince the beginning inherits Heaven and Hell Trying to learn along the way, without a handbook Mur has twisted slightly the way things revolve here with the new coming of powers I love it Really has me thinking and I can follow the way things have turned and twisted for these characters Just wow ed I m growingandworried for our duo They are amazing and I m fully invested with them.
Dang I m thrilled at this moment of finishing that ALL the stories are out So I can RUSH to the next story From TheJohn W Campbell Award Nominee And Two Time Parsec Award WinnerPraise For The Afterlife Series It S Like A Unifying Theory For All Religions And Mythologies, Binding Together Diverse Cosmologies Into A Coherent, End Of The World Tale In Which The Deepest Human Values May Not Be Enough To Save Us Full Of Surprises And Pointed Observations About Human Behaviour Minister Faust, Author Of From The Notebook Of Dr Brain And The Alchemists Of Kush Lafferty Is A Funny Writer, With A Clear Obsession For Afterlife Mythos And An Admirable Hand At Drawing Likable Characters One Of The Most Promising Writers It S Great To See Her Turning Out Such Good Work Already BoingBoing Cory Doctorow Every Religion Says The Beginning Of The New World Starts After The End Of The Old So Now What Recently Deceased Friends Kate And Daniel Have Been Promoted, And Are Now In Charge Of Renewing The Earth For A New Age However They Haven T Had A Lot Of Training In Their New Jobs, They Have Several Forces Against Them, And Their Own Friendship Is On The Rocks As Their Attempts To Work Together Makes Things Even Worse The third novella in the series suffers from being in the middle of the beginning as told in Heaven and Hell and the end as told in War It also suffers from the same thing as at the beginning of Hell another decision taken that ends up having no consequences for the protagonists, further making this feel less like a journey shaped by their actions and desires andlike a sequence of random events happening to two objects that serve to take the reader through them view spoiler At the end of Hell, Kate and Daniel realise that if they are the gods of life and death, they will have to be apart forever There s precedent for this sort of thing, especially in various mythologies with gods relegated to various netherworlds and afterlifes and underEarths and whatnot, unable to see their loved ones ever again But, instead of following this concept through and spending a novella with the two ultimate gods having to live apart from one another, Daniel goes to visit Kate within the first moments of this novella.
To explain why this doesn t work by spoiling a Philip Pullman novel, this is a bit like if The Amber Spyglass had been immediately followed by a book in which the two main characters got to see each other again a couple of days after the events of that novel It would have ruined the emotion and depth of the decision they take to save the world by separating themselves and really made me resent the author playing with my emotions in that manner Whilst the shorter length of these works means I was less invested in the characters, this helped reduce that investment as I realised that nothing permanent would happen to them.
I believe it s also this novella in which the thing that defines Kate and Daniel the fact that they re the goddess of life and the god of death is abandoned in favour of her being the reborn god and him being the trickster god I found this harder to be okay with, since although life and death still leaves a lot of other angles it is at least both sides of a coin Rebirth and lying are much less obviously that, and so I can t help but wonder where all the other concepts they re supposed to jointly embody have gone Unless, of course, Lafferty is trying to illustrate their many concepts by changing their roles through the series, which I suppose might be the best way to read the author s intent hide spoiler Alright, the week is at an end and I was able to burn through onebook towards my 2016 Goodread Challenge Continuing on with Mur Lafferty s Afterlife series I ve just finished Earth By finished I mean trudged through This was a rougher read than the other two books before Earth is about the continuation of Kate and Daniel as they ve replaced God and the Devil over Heaven and Hell and now have to make a new Earth As usual with these two protagonists, there is a plethora of bumbling around before the story throws the breaks suddenly for a cliffhanger So far, this is the worst book out of the series The writing, structure, and flow were still sound much like the previous books, but the character growth, development, and even depth seemed to have been bled out in Hell and never returned Daniel went from Joe Rogan to Hayden Christensen This kind of sudden shifts is what ruined Bewitched There was so much potential with this book instead of the reintroduction to the two protagonists awkward phase they had in Heaven It s almost as if Hell was supposed to be the true ending but someone else asked forI think if the story focusedon the vaguely mentioned characters in the new Earth instead of the two whom had obviously ran out of gas they d have beensense of accomplishment Instead, I feel that the story is right where it started In closing, Earth has caused me to pump the breaks on continuing with the series My hope is that this book was just the preparatory phase before the story turns flipping awesome, but my common sense is telling me that Neil Gaiman s used toys are falling apart and Season of the Mist version 2.
0 is falling into its own mentioned black hole that was left in the wake of the first adaptation.
Book number 28 in my 2012 Reading Challenge of 50 books is Earth by Mur Lafferty Earth is the third installment in Mur Lafferty s The Afterlife Series presented via podiobook format.
In Earth, Kate and Daniel explore their powers and options as the deities who are destined to rule Heaven and Hell Gods from all different cultural afterlives gather to aid Kate and Daniel as they struggle to keep Heaven and Hell from other gods wanting to overthrow them Within this novel, view spoiler Kate finds itanddifficult to trust Daniel as he turns over the keys and power of his domain to a demon They are literally and figuratively worlds away from each other, making Earth full of rising and unsolved tensions Through all of Kate s frustrations, the Earth is reborn This installment also gives notions that there will be a continuation Wasteland hide spoiler This continued the wonderful world that Mur Lafferty started in the previous books Very little is added to heaven but I love the imagery of hell s clerical department I like the description of the creation of the Earth I really loved the little forays into the Earth s history and how the events of heaven affected it.
Daniel was much less annoying in this than the other books At first I was rolling my eyes at Kate for treating him like a divine faberge egg and letting him continue to be whiny but then she finally stood up to him and that kind of made it okay.
Why still the miserly rating Why did I not say I really liked it I think I did not give it 4 stars because I still did not like Daniel and Kate was a little less convincing as a character in this I think I got an incling of where this series is going and I am not sure I like it Weather or not this is where it goes will remain to be seen but regardless of the good story, this feeling of foreboding kind of left me with a bad taste Also, the book felt like a bridge between the others, instead of something in it s own right.
I really do not want to bash the author or the books I think this book has a good spark and shows she is on her way to becoming a great writer As it is she is still struggling to break away from the pack She is not there but I think she can get there if she keeps at it and tries to learn from one work to the next.

This series just keeps gettingandinteresting Our main characters have been elevated to the status of gods essentially taking over from the last gods , and each of them is trying to sort out their various positions and duties Earth is recreated, and it s interesting to see the developments of society and people from the gods point of view.
The dynamic between the two main characters continues to getandinteresting as they each seek to find themselves in their new roles The gods of old continue to advise, but they each make their own mistakes and struggle to learn from them The ending, without giving it away, is quite a cliffhanger, and I m already digging well into the next in the series Wasteland.
Mur Lafferty s Afterlife series continues Hobo heaven the Big Rock Candy Mountain was a lot of fun I liked that Native American trickster god Coyote appears in this one Also, Kate and Daniel find Jesus.
Continuing this series, although losing interest Now the characters are tasked rebuilding Earth, although with all kinds of drama Feels like a prep story for the final.