[J.C. Hutchins] ✓ 7th Son: Book Three - Destruction [syrian-civil-war PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ This was quite an enjoyable audiobook to listen to The intensity of it seemed to be ramped down a little from the second volume of the trilogy In this volume, the remaining Beta clones learn the details of John Alpha s plot to take over the world, and make their last ditch effort to put a stop to his mad plan I don t want to say too much, because the twists and turns are quite worth listening to it, and I wouldn t want to spoil anything The story s strong, the performance is great, and it really takes into account the idea of the podiobook as a genre unto itself, rather than just a castoff of traditional publishing A must listen for fans of the genre.
Sometimes you just don t want a story to end This was one of them I had become so attached to these characters And now it is all over.
I am happy with the way that the trilogy ended Chaos at the UN The President lives Andamazing new technology.
Enter a new villain The real villain.
Resolved is the tension between our heroes and the villain new and old.
A fond and emotional farewell to fallen brothers.
Then the conspiracy within the conspiracy within the conspiracy And our heroes humbly exit to live their lives in annonimity.
Until the final twist.
Loved it but sad to see it end.
Think I will go back to the prequel.
We start with a feel of a calm before the storm But when the storm hits Oh what a wicked, vicious storm it is The destruction of so much, connected with the beta clones and beyond Some live through, some don t The depth of Alpha s doings and the conspiracy that is uncovered Then To cover the truth This book combines all the tension, anxiety and action packed moments of the first two books An amazing conclusion to the beta clones lives and troubles circling around from them FULL REVIEW We start with the feel of calm before the storm The beta clones are trying to collectively get into station with a calm presence to not risk frightening the world, yet they know they are fighting against time This story has all the pieces the first two have, the suspense and the action The anxiety of getting caught is ever present Then the tension tightens the shoulders as I wonder if they will get to stop Alpha, in time There are things in motion that we know of that the 7th Son and beta clones do not know It s still going to be a rough ride.
All is coming together Alpha s plans and events he put into motion outside of keeping the clones busy come to light Alpha doesn t know that things are happening, or not happening, as he had planned People are alive that Alpha thinks are dead The 7th son and the beta clones are learning things and it appears now that the clones are getting ahead of Alpha.
The remaining beta clones feel real and it s personal as they struggle with their loses I get the feel that they are acting and feeling as they are brothers, even after the short few days they ve been together The clones debate on going public with what they know of Rookman Oil and Alpha, which also means about them too But would the world be ready for them Of the clones I start off still suspicious of Kilroy2.
0 He s really lost He has an episode in the beginning of this book that has me wondering I m not sure what to make of him, and want to know what happens All the John s change in their own ways These short days have impacted them all and they have grown in ways they never thought they d have to.
Listening to the story J.
C has done, once again, an amazing job The characters have slightly different tones to their voices, which he portrays Also the tension and apprehension that comes with the events as they climax and unfold is in his voice and draws my heart to thump and me to worry, pausing what I m doing to wait for the height of the moment The episodes are a bit longer every once in a while, closer to 45 mins than the 25 30 mins in previous books Though many episodes here are about 30 mins as well.
When the storm hits Oh what a wicked, vicious storm it is The destruction of so much, connected with the beta clones and beyond Some live through, some don t The depth of Alpha s doings and the conspiracy that is uncovered Then To cover the truth This book combines all the tension, anxiety and action packed moments of the first two books An amazing conclusion to the beta clones lives and troubles circling around from them We ve made full circle Where we started in each man s life being taken, we now return home with each man Though some homes are different now, peaceful.
I preferred this book and the whole series when I was listening to the podcast Reading it, there are too many holes in the plot and convenient deus ex machinas The final twist was also disappointing The scale of the whole thing got too large for me It gets to be a little bit unbelievable that two people could take over the whole entire world And the last twist is crudely inserted into the plot and actually derails a central premise of the book which I will hide under spoiler tags Alpha isn t brillant Bregner is The whole plot has always been Bregners, down to all those sinister details In fact, the clones keep talking about how Alpha is so much smarter than them, but he isn t Bregner is Bregner is smarter than Alpha who was designed to be uber smart and all the clones, who were designed to be the uber smart team Either Bregner is a super genius or the Seventh Son project failed miserably It s also surprising that this twist is so badly inserted since the series basically is a sequence of twists, almost of all of them artfully played out The ending is strangely anti climactic too Everything seems to go back to normal despite all of the destruction we ve heard so much about I don t want to put inspoilers, but it s hard to imagine people going about their business given the damage that has been done to the world.
That said, it was a fun read and a fun listen back in the day If you don t take this book too seriously, it is a really fun book and a really fun series The characters are great, J.
C builds suspense well, and of course you have to know how it ends, don t you I recommend it as just that a fun, sci fi thriller read 7th Son Destruction was a fitting close to this trilogy Personally, I think my favorite book was the second, but that s not to say I didn t enjoy Destruction Believe me, I did I was riveted, often literally on the edge of my seat while I listened to the book at work Loose ends are tied up, everything is explained brilliantly, without any of that James Bond villain esque monologuing Hutchins worked his way around that splendidly.
A little bit of a spoiler I could have done without the whole Nazi thing I think this might just be me being a little jaded, and I get why Hutchins brought that tie into the whole 7th Son project as a catalyst for it, but I see the bringing back the Third Reich thing a little too often There are better villains out there This was better than most incarnations I ve seen, but I still had a little bit of a oh, come ON moment, even while I was enjoying the last third or so of the book.

Fascinating and brilliantly written scifi thriller by the relative newcomer, J C Hutchins Packed with twists, turns and surprises, 7th Son follows the lives of seven men who are brought together by a secret government agency to stop a madman The punchline of this is that the man they re trying to stop, is the man all seven men are cloned from, and that only the FIRST of many, many surprises throughout the 7th Son series.
Action packed thrills might be the payoffs for several of the books moments, but it s the rich, well thought out and full character development that kept me glued to the story I found myself really, truely caring about the characters, and caught myself gaspingthen once in shock at the developments that surrounded and crashed against them from all sides.
If you like psychological thrillers with the stakes cranked up to 11, then this is the series of books for you.
I really liked this series The third book picked up again the second book was a little slow compared to 1 and 3 and wound an intricate and complex conspiracy that kept twisting and turning with each new chapter I was kept engaged in the story, so much that I would listen to the story on my Ipod while I ate lunch at work, cooked dinner at home anytime I could focus on the story while doing some other task, I did This is one that I will likely go out and buy in hard copy and read again in the future I think it so complex, a second read through the series might reveal several details that I didn t catch the first time around, making the story that muchintiguing Great job, JC Hutchins This is the final saga in the 7th Son trilogy, the story following a set of government created clones on a secret mission to save the world from their original and his cronies Happily in this book the clones grow some stones and finally take control of their fate They take some initiative in their quest to stop John Alpha even though this puts them in direct conflict with other government agents much of the time Lots of death, destruction, and profanity ensue As usual J.
C Hutchins gleefully kills off people left and right Just when you think he s finished he tacks on yet another crazy disaster I have to admit that despite all this or because of it I loved the ending to 7th Son.
So it turns out and this is a major spoiler if you re planning on reading these books the whole things was Nazis.
I don t whether to feel cheated, disgusted, impressed or confused I mean this is the stuff of the old choose your own adventure books that I read as a kid On the other hand it s kind of gutsy having Nazis as bad guys when they are such a cliche On the other other hand it is a cliche that has become so overused that even George Lucas did something different when he made a new Indiana Jones movie On the how many hands do I have anyway hand that movie might have been better if he hadn t replaced the cliche Nazis with evencliche aliens but that has nothing to do with this book.
There s a lot action, lots of boom, lots of fights The fighting actually becomes tedious after I just wanted it to end and then when it did it took five chapters to tell us that the good guys won.
Despite all of that I found it entertaining It filled the time while I was driving to place to place and I didn t hate it I just laughed sometimes when I wasn t meant to.
As Day Four In The Th Son Adventure Begins, John Alpha S Quest For Anarchy And Genocide Enters Its Final StageAt Every Turn, The Global Terrorist Has Been Triumphant The World Is Reeling From A Nuclear Attack An Unprecedented Energy Crisis Is Upon Us Alpha Himself Has Exclusive Access To The White House, And Secret Weapons Primed To Propel His Conspiracy Into The Endgame The Goal Planetary ChaosAmidst This Turmoil, The Th Son S Four Surviving Beta Clones John, Father Thomas, Kilroy And Jack Must Defy Their Creators And Hunt Alpha On Their Terms Their Mission To Stop The Greatest Assassination Plot In History The Secrets John And His Brothers Discover Will Press Them Toward A Final Battle With Their Progenitor A Battle In Which The Clones Are Outgunned, Outnumbered And Out Of TimeAlliances Will Be Made Heroes Will Die The End Is NighDestruction Is The Final Novel In The JC Hutchins Th Son Thriller Trilogy