[J.C. Hutchins] Æ 7th Son: Book Two - Deceit [ecclesiology PDF] Read Online ☆ This book has just as much action and intrigue as the first one, and J.
C Hutchins skill with character voices, both textual and vocal, does not disappoint He also definitely raises the bar from the last book with regard to the trials he throws at his characters.
I was going to give this four stars on the argument that it felt like a middle book Then I realized that it took me so long to finish it that I was mentally dividing the first half from the second Taking the whole book properly into account, it may have an abrupt ending but it is definitely a coherent story.
As previously discussed, the first book in this series was not actually good I read the second book because it was available as a free podcast novel and I would listen to a 89 year old woman with a North Shore accent read the telephone book when I m stuck on the 89 bus.
This series is very DaVinci Code meets Tom Clancy The second book is all about ANWR I bet you didn t see that coming Also, we finally got an explanation for why only one of the seven clones is gay, and while it wasn t as horrible as I thought it would be, it was a little didactic But how can that be if homosexuality is genetic WHICH I AND BY I I MEAN THE CHARACTER AND ALSO I THE AUTHOR, SEE, PLEASE DON T SEND ME HATE MAIL BELIEVE IT TO BE The answer is a handwave stuff can be in our genes but it can take environmental stimuli to activate it This wouldn t have been so bad if the clones hadn t been comparing the gay clone with the schizophrenic clone I m not sure that worked the way the author thinks it worked Although, hahah, I am totally listening to the third book for aforementioned discussed reasons.
Two Days Ago, Seven Human Clones John, Michael, Father Thomas, Dr Mike, Jonathan, Jack And Kilroy Were Torn Away From Their Normal Lives To Stop A Ruthless Plot Created By Their Progenitor, A Man Code Named John Alpha Their Quest Was A Descent Into Conspiracy, Violence And DeathThe Clones Were Successful In Their Mission, But Victory Was Not Without Its PriceAs Th Son Book Two Deceit Begins, The Beta Clones Are Demoralized, Reeling From Their Loss And About To Learn That John Alpha S Plans Are Far From OverTo Prevent The Next Phase Of Alpha S Plan, John, Kilroy, And The Others Must Unearth Dark Secrets About The Government Project From Which They Were Spawned They Will Experience The Horrors Of Betrayal, And Race Cross Country To Track John AlphaAnd They Will Finally Realize The Scope Of Alpha S Wrath The Bloodshed The Clones Have Witnessed Is Merely A Prelude To The World Rending Destruction To Come Unless They Can Stop It FirstDeceit Is The Second Novel In JC Hutchins Th Son Thriller Trilogy read as a podcast novel.
Good, but not as good as the first book of the trilogy.
Not typically a thriller fan, but this one had me hooked A really bad set of villains And a team of flawed, but greater than the sum of their parts heroes.
I was a bit upset by a few of Hutchins decisions, but I imagine it will all pay off fingerscrossedOn to Destruction I did listen to this whole series on podcast before reading the books I liked the podcast a lot, enough to seek out the books once they were finally published.
None of the three books stands up to reading as well as listening because when you can go slow and reread, some of the plot holes show up including 1 convenient guesses that always turn out to be right and 2 superpower ie Code Phantom that can sort of be invoked to explain away anything and 3 convenient ignorance lack of suspicion when needed Now, writing something this intricate, there are bound to be some problems keeping everything together and believable.
That being said, this is a fun series and a fun book I consider this book to be the best of the three It s action packed It s got lots of character defining moments There are plenty of puzzles and suspenseful moments that let you, the reader, play along at home A lot of the twists are predictable, but not all.
I recommend this as a fun experience and I definitely love supporting authors who do something new A lot of readers attach a stigma to fiction that s given away by its author, the thinking no doubt being that if the author doesn t think it s worth buying, why should the reader listener bother investing their time and emotional energy in it It s an understandable argument on one level, but with podcasted novels like this, those arguments are proven completely false.
Hutchins is amazingly talented He writes with the scope and scale of big summer blockbuster films, but in a way that containscharacter depth and complexity than Hollywood would usually feature, as we continue to follow the clones of John Alpha in their attempts to discover their progenitor s plans, which go much deeper than any of them dare realize Hutchin s treatment of the clones is masterful each of them has their own distinct personality, but every once and awhile you catch subtle little similarities between their personalities, as well as some similarities with Alpha.
7th Son is coming out in print later this year, and I hear a film s been optioned as well, but for now you can listen to the whole thing for free at www.
net 7th Son Deceit is a fitting sequel to 7th Son Descent Honestly, I enjoyed itthan the first book The puzzles from book one are followed by even better ones here, and it s a blast to try and solve them myself as the clones are only to find out that yes, I m on the right track, but I just don t take it far enough Then again, the puzzles are intended specifically for the clones expertise, and since I don t have that, it isn t a surprise I do get bits and pieces right, but the whole, nope And I don t mind These puzzles are a mental thrill in the action and, if you ask me, do not take away from the narrative at all.
The action in this book is way ramped up compared to book one, character development jumps through the roof, and the stakes blow up Literally I mean, nuclear warheads Come on This was definitely a book of extremes, and it makes me all theeager to read the third installment.
A little slower than the first installment of the series, but still a good book The end is a little bit dissapointing because there isn t much of any kind of conclusion or closure Certainly, there isdevelopment to the story, over the course of about a day or two, sheddinglight on the 7th Son Experimental Program, the facility, John Alpha s activities after the Betas were created, and some of the relationships between what is happening around the world There are a few twists that were unseen by me anyways causing the story to take unexpected turns A littleinsight is given as to why John Alpha is on this rampage, but the whole picture is still a bit fuzzy And John Alpha s apperant plan for involving the Betas seems a little lacklustre, but I expect that is just a ruse as well We ll have to see how book 3 brings all these loose ends together.

Great sequel While you can definitely seem some other storylines come in as inspiration here, Hutchins still has quite the unique story From learning about the cloning and Alphas sneaking back into the complex to twists like that of Special K going rogue and the HQ in a water tower, this book does it all I have to admit I am disappointed by this installment of the 7th Son trilogy It took me a little bit, and 3 attempts to listen to it, in order to really love the first installment but eventually I couldn t get enough of it And the first installment left me on a cliffhanger that had me yelling at my ipod in frustration to know what happened But with as exciting and awesome as the first one was, this one was just asblah Frankly, reading some of the other reviews for it I thought for a minute they were listening to a totally different book The gay gene When the hell did they discuss that Probably about the time my brain tuned out because I was tired of waiting for something interesting to happen Here is the synopsis of Deceit Clones almost die, some clones do die, clones go off on wild chase that will probably end in death, clones find out that they ve been on a pointless chase that served no purpose at all except to lead to death, clones get clues about the real thing they re being distracted from, clones and everyone else have no idea what those clues mean, clones explode things, end of book Really I felt that there was little to no plot development at all and that made me yawn through the whole thing Finally we learn that everything the writer has been leading up to was entirely pointless and served no purpose to the real plot at all, now I am getting really bored So, what was the real plot We don t know and the characters don t know either, I am wondering if even the author knows Now I am wondering why I was still even listening to this book Yet, I know that I will continue on to the third and final installment Why, you may ask, since I clearly did not like this one Because the first one left me with so much promise that I simply have to know if this will be another fiasco like Lost was, where the author really had no plan all along and the story will end with a fizzle I hope not, but we shall see.